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Telestack are renowned within the aggregate sector for their innovative solutions and are widely regarded as the veterans of the industry. Understanding the needs of their customers has led to improvements across quarrying operations and the introduction of the “Self-Driving” smart stockpiling solution by Telestack, found on their radial telescopic conveying range, is one such example! By deploying technology and experience, this advanced autonomous stockpiling solution aims to maximise returns within any operation, ensuring operational efficiency, improved site safety, reduced operational overheads and complexity as well as a quality in-spec “blended” product.

The Telestack radial telescopic conveyor range has a proven record of performance and reliability operating in a range of aggregate applications around the globe. The mobility options of the unit allow the operator to utilise this technology anywhere on site, ensuring a high production capacity and a 30% more stockpile capacity on the same footprint when compared to fixed length/height conveyors. The smart system, once set up, can be operated locally by an operator or operated remotely using the smart onboard PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) to feed information back to the remote central control station. Once the unit’s physical constraints are established, the unit can work independently using the pre-programmed parameters determined in the set-up. The smart stockpiling system starts at a low working angle such as 8°, maintaining its lowest workable drop height throughout the operation, as the stockpile increases in increments. This is in comparison to a fixed length unit for example, that would start at an 18° angle, thus wasting more energy to discharge the product at a greater height. In addition, this also results in a greater potential to compromise the quality of the product due to fracture and degradation of the product caused by material dropping from the elevated operating height. The reduced power usage required for the radial telescopic ensures less energy/fuel is used in the daily operation and fuel consumption can be further enhanced with the introduction of an optional VSD (Variable Speed Drive) by allowing the operator (remotely or locally) to increase or decrease the speed accordingly, depending on the needs of the operation.

The continuous autonomous stockpiling ensures that the blend of the product is maintained throughout the stockpile and a higher quality product is achievable ensuring the product is evenly mixed over a wide area. This helps to eliminate segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction, providing not only a higher-grade product for a lower stockpiling cost per tonne, but also reduced labour dependency, reduced labour costs as well as the environmental impact of reduced traffic, dust and noise. The smart system also hosts a range of automatic sensors that guide the independent unit as determined in the set-up. These sensors, as well as safeguarding the drop height of the product, also ensures that the unit will pause when material has stopped flowing. This ensures the integrity of the continuous stockpile structure, producing an “in-spec” blended product. This would be a significant factor for many in the aggregate sector for example, where product integrity is critical.

The Telestack range of radial telescopic stackers are available in lengths of 32m (110ft), 42m (140ft), 46m (150ft), 50m (170ft) and 58m (190ft) with possible stockpile capacities up to 200,000 tonnes at 270°. Stockpiling rates ranging from 100-3,000tph, stockpile heights up to 20m (65ft) are easily achieved.

In addition, the option of several PLC automatic stockpiling programmes provides the operator with a versatile, economic and reliable stockpiling system that offers the ability for a radial windrow, incline windrow and radial conical stockpile formations which in all offers a larger stockpiling potential and a radial stockpiling potential of up to 270° for maximum stockpiling. The smart stockpiling system controls the operation of the unit and gathers information and sends it back to the central control station/ remote location. This helps to troubleshoot when issues arise giving the controller operational information and specific status updates. In addition, the optional Telestack telematic system Telecore, offers remote monitoring and support from the factory to enhance performance. This has proven critical, not only in the operational performance but also relating to the general maintenance of the unit. Particularly when labour was restricted, for example during the recent Covid restrictions, the support from the factory was vital in supporting operations through challenging times.

An esteemed customer in the UK recently purchased a TS-42 radial telescopic conveyor to stockpile aggregate/ scalpings @1,000tph after a primary crusher and linking system. The fully galvanised conveyor had a host of environmental features including galvanised dust covers the full length of the outer conveyor, fully sealed transfer point from outer to inner conveyor, side wind plates on the inner with a retractable canvas cover on the outer, a spray bar dust suppression system and dual access walkways for ease of maintenance as well as health and safety benefits. The customised discharge chute also helped eliminate and control dust emissions. This arrangement of dust management options allowed the operation to satisfy the needs of the local regulations to mitigate potential environmental pollution. In addition the ability to fully control the operation remotely (for example from the central control station) means that the fully automated bulk material handling process enhances equipment efficiency and availability, which ultimately increases productivity and lowers operational cost. The install has proven highly beneficial and the customer has reported a significant improvement on the quality of the finished product. The benefits are also evident in terms of the operational metrics achieving a high throughput as well as a more efficient, more productive and safer bulk materials handling operation. The environmental improvements are also significant.

The Telestack team will be in attendance at the forthcoming ConExpo in Vegas (14-18 March) on the Astec Industries Stand in Central Hall (Booth #C30235) and a meeting to discuss your operational needs can easily be arranged prior to the event by emailing

Telestack, specialists in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mobile bulk material handling systems, have a global proven record in a range of applications including mining and quarrying, stockyard management, ports & inland terminals, power stations, rail yards, steel mills, cement kilns and many other bulk material handling industries and offer a range of solutions and reference sites along the logistics chain from pit, to port to plant.

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