Zappshelter launches a revolutionary system for rapid cover.

What operational challenges does your business face today? Whilst you could no doubt list a few, for many it’s a lack of dry covered space for WRAP, aggregates, loose materials, waste, biomass and recycling etc, for both permanent and temporary applications. They need the covered area, but the costs of a new building or an extension to the existing are prohibitive.

If this is your situation, you’re not alone. In fact, recent studies show that it’s one of the biggest factors affecting the construction, plant and waste sectors today. I’m delighted to present a revolutionary solution to your problem:

Meet Zappshelter.
Zappshelter is revolutionary system for providing rapid cover for a huge range of applications, both temporary and permanent.

Utilising common structures such as shipping containers, site cabins and concrete bunker walls makes Zappshelter a cost-effective solution. It is rapidly installed using only basic equipment, and offers a highly durable solution to the problem of outside working and storage.

Common applications include stock pile covers, bay areas, biomass plants, waste recycling, dockside storage and salt stockpiles, to name a few.

Zappshelter has been designed to stringent engineering standards, making it suitable for virtually any climate.

So why is this product of interest to the aggregate, quarrying, waste and recycling industries? Well, many buy Zappshelters simply for use in their depots across the UK and Europe, because they provide rapid and effective cover for people and machinery. Everyone knows how hard it is to find and keep good staff, and to provide a dry, undercover area for them to work and keep a production line going,  is a great way to retain talent.


Baileys Skip Hire were one such company. The requirement was for a new baler and the whole operation needed to be under cover so that pre-baled material and finished baled material were all stored and worked on undercover. Site Supervisor Lee Cowell commented: “Well pleased with it. We have had a lot of windy weather and it has stood up fine and let us get on with the work.

We now need to get loose material under cover so will need to do more Zappshelters soon.

It really does what we needed it to do – Thanks”


Other customers have been faced with the challenge of covering materials. It could be waste, where the penalty for pollutants leaching into the watercourses is high, or new materials awaiting use in construction, manufacturing etc.


Olus Environmental Ltd approached our team for a solution to assist with unloading and loading European trucks with chipped wood material. They were under pressure from the Environment Agency to have appropriate facilities. Yard Manager Phil commented: “Very Impressed with the whole process. Great building. Great team”


If you have a challenge that a Zappshelter might solve, please get in touch with our helpful and friendly team today on +44 208 0505 121 or email us on


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