The "E" makes all the difference

Climate-friendly recycling...

Eggersmann Recycling Technology has set itself the goal of not only recovering recyclable materials as efficiently as possible but doing it also in an eco-friendly way. Based on this ideal the EcoEngineers at Eggersmann launched the emission-free E-versions of their mobile FORUS and TEUTON shredders last year.

The powerful yet economical electric drives give both universal shredders the usual strength of the diesel versions. Power is supplied simply via plug & play, while battery packs ensure mobility on the site and the use of maintenance functions without external power supply. Thanks to the tracks, the FORUS and TEUTON can even turn and manoeuvre on their own. They can be conveniently steered via a radio remote control. Since the electric drives are emission-free, they can also be used indoors.

The TEUTON Z 50 E impresses with all the familiar advantages of the TEUTON Z 50. An almost five-metre wide filling area ensures optimum material feed and a diverse selection of easily exchangeable rotor tools ensures outstanding results from green waste to truck tyres. With special rotor tools such as the Rootgrip, the shredder can be specifically adjusted for certain applications. A special highlight is the maximum control over the final grain size thanks to the flexibly adjustable cutting gap settings and the optional screen basket system. Depending on the required output, screen baskets come with various hole sizes and forms. For particularly homogeneous end products there are hex shaped screen baskets and for throughputs with a risk of clogging – such as films – there are strip screen baskets. This means that the TEUTON Z 50 E can also produce marketable end products directly in just one pass.

Like its diesel-powered counterpart, the FORUS F 38 E shines especially in applications with brittle or fragile material such as scrap wood, railway sleepers, glass, or even solar panels. It is therefore also increasingly used for breaking the housings of electrical appliances. The two shafts can run asynchronously at different speeds if required and thus even clean themselves. This makes the FORUS a safe choice even with winding material. In addition, the toolless exchangeable crushing bars also allow the FORUS to define the end product with a high degree of accuracy. The hook lift versions of the FORUS F 25 and F 38 can equally be operated purely electrically.

In addition to the TEUTON Z 50 E and FORUS F 38 E crushers, all TERRA SELECT trommel screens and the STAR SELECT S 60 star screen as well as the AIRFIX V 60 windsifter are also available as E-versions or for maximum flexibility as hybrid. Eggersmann thus offers a wide range of fully electric options for mobile use. In addition, the control units of all machines follow the uniformly structured Eggersmann One-Logic principle, which enables intuitive use. Anyone who can operate one Eggersmann machine will also understand how to control the others.



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