Sharp Skips expand their product offerings with a new Tyrone International wash plant.

With almost four decades’ worth of experience Sharps Skips operate a very successful business from their yard in Rainham, Essex. They operate throughout London, Essex and Kent providing a large range of waste services to help their customers achieve a zero-to-landfill goal.

George Sharp – Director of Sharp Skips – “We take recycling very seriously and ensure the waste is properly processed so items that don't have to go to landfill are re-used in alternative ways. We provide roll-on-off container hire, skip hire and grab loader hire, with same-day delivery and professional staff who always go above and beyond. We’ve built a reputation for reliability and quality customer service.

“We first started to consider adding a wash plant to our operation in 2022 to provide a solution for processing trommel fines from our skip waste processing facility. We identified that by washing the trommel fines we could extract more reusable materials and significantly reduce the volume of material going to landfill.”

Tyrone International:

Tyrone International [TI] offer game-changing Wash Plant Solutions designed to solve tomorrow’s challenges. Opening new worlds of opportunity for a more sustainable, efficient, and profitable future for their customers, partners and the wider construction, mining, waste & recycling industries.

Fintan McKeever – Director - TI, commented, “As a company we are focused on the circular economy and offer innovative bespoke washing solutions to recover reusable aggregates from different waste streams. Washing provides the opportunity to recover and segregate materials from difficult waste streams that cannot be achieved by traditional dry processing systems. When Sharp Skips approached us with their requirements, we knew that we could offer a bespoke solution to maximise the recovery of aggregates and increase their product offering to the market.”   

Case study:

After the initial contact and discussion TI conducted a detailed study of the site, and analysis of the proposed feed materials. Once all the factors were taken into consideration a detailed proposal was provided with layout drawings that minimised the impact on the current site operations.

Sharp Skips stipulated that they wanted the capability to wash up to 60tph so that they could meet current demand and have capacity for future growth.

As this was a very busy operational site there were many factors to consider including the stocking area for the feed and washed products, vehicle movements, operator access, and site drainage.

The plant had to be designed to cope with a fluctuating silt content, removal of organics and plastics and separation of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In particular, containment and removal of polystyrene out of the system and the ability to keep the wash water clean.

A successful installation:

After a successful installation and commissioning the new wash plant is currently processing a large variety of trommel fines and inert recyclable aggregates.  The plant is producing clean fine sand, coarse sand, and 10mm, 20mm and 40mm aggregate along with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In addition, a full water treatment plant has been incorporated with a twin overhead beam filter press to recycle up to 95% of the water and produce a dry filter cake.

Tyrone T-Scrub 1100 wash plant:

Designed to wash and thoroughly clean the most difficult recycled aggregates this machine can process up to 60tph and produce three washed aggregates. The sand is pumped to the T-Sand 084 for further classification; it is then double washed through hydro cyclones to remove all the -5mm trash and silt fraction and split into fine sand and coarse sand. With a robust design and incomparable access, cost of ownership is reduced, and plant utilisation is maximised.

The +5mm trash is floated out of the back of the T-Scrub logwasher and the -5mm trash is removed on a vibrating screen prior to the water treatment plant. There is also a surface scraper on the thickener to remove any fine trash material and fibres which ensures the water is kept clean.

The plant layout includes extensive walkways for operator maintenance and servicing and is fully automated for ease of operation. The overhead beam filter press offers unrivalled access for ease of maintenance and has very few moving parts reducing cost of ownership.

George Sharp – Director commented, “We are very happy with the quality of the materials produced and the performance of the Tyrone plant. This operation has helped us future proof our business, provide a solution for our trommel fines and open new markets for our business.

“The circular economy and sustainable growth are an important factor in all our decisions and our new wash plant will help us to achieve our goals.”

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