Pronar – 30 years of an amazing journey

From its beginnings in the difficult economic reality of Poland in the 1980s, to the leading position as a recycling, agricultural and municipal machinery manufacturer, mass scale, global supplier of disc wheels, pneumatics & hydraulics and numerous other components needed in machinery production. This is Pronar – a company which has grown with unmatched pace and consistency over the last three decades

Foundation and agricultural roots:
Pronar was established in 1988 as a small local enterprise in Narew. Working in the rural and agriculture industries in the North Eastern part of the
country it benefited a lot at the early stage of the free market era in Poland, after communism collapsed. The company quickly evolved from trading
with agricultural products to supplying farmers with tractors and other agricultural machines. Within a few years of its foundation the company launched
production of their own tractors and trailers sold under the Pronar brand.

Production rapidly expanded in the 90’s and continued to grow into the next decade. Development went so well that soon Pronar started to manufacture a massive range of production components - not only to be used in their own machines but also to supply other equipment manufacturers.

The company’s income was constantly reinvested in new factories, technologies, production lines and talented people which resulted in Pronar becoming
the number one supplier of reliable tractors and trailers in Poland with sales expansion into the European markets.

Having established themselves in the agriculture machinery industry, in 2000, Pronar started to develop new product lines such as municipal equipment for summer and winter road maintenance. They then followed with the design and introduction of the first machines for the recycling industry.

Pronar today:
All the decisions, the investments and innovation has led Pronar to the place where it is now. Today the company consist of over 2,200 employees based in 7 factories, with a total production floor area of 574,000 square metres which is the equivalent of 80 football pitches. It is the biggest employer in the North East Poland.

Pronar has become the leading agricultural machinery manufacturer with over 5,500 trailers made annually. It is among the top selling brands in Poland (over 50% of market share), Germany (second place), Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and many other countries in Europe.

The company is also a well-known manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic components, trailers axles, steel side walls profiles with a well-developed international distribution. Thanks to innovative production techniques 60,000-wheel rims are produced every month and distributed to leading tractor manufacturers, construction and forestry vehicles brands globally. It makes Pronar the 3rd largest manufacturer of disc wheels in the world.The extensive range of winter and summer road maintenance machines are available from Pronar globally and thousands of these machines can be seen across Europe from Scandinavia to the Balkan countries and from UK to Russia.

Response to the global waste issue:
In response to the global waste issue the company has developed a whole range of recycling equipment for various waste size reduction, screening and transportation. The existing product range consists of mobile trommel screens, slow speed shredders and mobile stackers, with several new designs in development.

Such progress in a small-time frame would not be possible if a Research and Development Centre had not been built. This centre now employs top specialists and scientists that are working on state-of-art equipment. Performing numerous tests every day and verification of components guarantees the
quality of machines and materials. Pronar Research and Development Centre also provides services for well known tyres, cars and tractor brands.

With such a wide client range spread across many countries entails extensive travelling from the company’s location in a remote part of Poland. This has been resolved with the construction by Pronar, of a small one mile long, all-weather airfield with a hardened surface landing strip next to the company headquarters in Narew. It is used daily by company planes to reduce travel time, but also to make the company’s main office more accessible from all European cities.

Focus on recycling:
The current decade has brought the incredible growth potential of recycling equipment for the waste industry into the forefront for the company which has resulted in the design and development of an entire range of mobile trommels, two-shaft slow speed shredders and mobile stackers. Further designs including windrow turners, singleshaft slow speed shredders and high-speed shredders are also to be added to the company’s portfolio.

Innovation helps a lot when it comes to manufacture of recycling machines with Pronar investing in a lot in new technologies which have included the installation ofautomatic welding robots to ensure a perfect weld. 3D laser and water cutting technologies also provide precision and ensure the unique proprieties of produced elements.

Pronar recycling machinery is distributed across the globe with a strong presence in all major markets such as United States, Australia, Germany, Poland, UK, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia, Japan, Korea, China and Israel.

Each year Pronar takes part in the most important trade fairs around the world. Among them are IFAT (Munich, Germany), Bauma (Munich, Germany), IFAT Eurasia (Istambul, Turkey), Waste Expo (Las Vegas, USA), Pol-Eco System (Poznań, Polska) and Wasma (Moscow, Russia). At each of these Pronar attracts attention from the visitors.

The company constantly invests in dynamic development of their recycling product range. This has allowed it to expand their product portfolio for new models, offering innovative solutions to existing designs, ensuring value for money.

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