New Rapid Trakmix: A Successful International Launch Event.

The international launch of the Rapid Trakmix was marked by a week of events on November 9 – 12, at Cenin cement factory in Bridgend, South Wales. Cenin’s headquarters provided optimal conditions for the series of concrete & hydraulically bound materials demonstrations using the company’s highly sustainable, consistent range of cements. A variety of activities took place, including, demonstration of ’Cendri’ in Ground stabilisation applications improving load bearing strengths in a variety of soil types. ‘Cendri’ is a process or pre mixed material used to improve material recovery and drastically improve screen productivity when handling wet materials. Attendees were also provided with tours of Cenin’s ultra low carbon cement factory, laboratory and on site renewable energy resources. The open event was attended by a number of delegates from approximately 30 major concrete, construction and environmental companies.

Rapid’s latest innovation, Trakmix, is a track mounted, totally mobile and self-contained, fully weighed high volume mixing plant. Trakmix was designed in response to the growing demand for a mobile continuous mixing plant which provides easy, cost effective transportation and eliminates the need for special transportational permits. Customer demand also indicated a need for a machine providing more options on outputs on a different platform, offering flexibility for a wide range of site types and applications.

Trakmix features a number of innovative, patent pending features, including a superior controls system that weighs all materials and double hopper cement weighing system. Other cutting-edge features include low friction surface lining on hoppers, bottom conveyor for easy cleanout and out-loading conveyor for easy discharge. Trakmix offers outputs of up to 250 tonnes per hour via a high volume continuous Rapid Twin Shaft mixer and 12.0m3 aggregate hopper, which includes a division plate for two different types of aggregates. The Rapid designed continuous twin-shaft mixer (pugmill) is the largest and fastest continuous mixer on the market, with specially phased shafts and paddles ensuring a homogenous mix for a variety of applications within the concrete, construction and environmental industries.

The Trakmix has been designed with ease of mobility and set up in mind. The machine possesses an entirely self-contained design mounted on tracks including on-board genset, providing mobile flexibility.

Full weighing capabilities are provided via an integral fully automated control system. Adjustable feeder gates from the aggregate bins are provided in addition to a variable speed belt feeder to aggregate weigh belt. Powders are fully weighed via a twin hopper system with twin-screw discharge and flow-meter provides metering of the water. An integral 600 litre water tank and provision for admixtures is also included.

Trakmix is recommended for applications where all types of binders or neutralising powders are required in the mixing process, including road construction, road paving, ground works/civil engineering, environmental stabilisation projects, aggregate recycling and many more.

Further UK mainland demonstrations are expected to take place in the new year. More information can be found at

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