McLanahan continues CMB’s Renowned Service and Support in Europe

Since CMB International was established in 1996, its philosophy has been to provide effective on-site plant maintenance and to help customers get the best possible production from their plant. This carried through the evolution of its business to include CMB’s own range of crushing and screening equipment designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, as well as into CMB’s compact crushing brand RubbleCrusher, which provides a zero-waste approach to the construction and demolition recycling industry.

Now, as part of the McLanahan Family of Companies, that customer-driven focus has only increased, with unmatched service and support along with bespoke designs continuing to win sales for the company.

Some notable sales since McLanahan’s acquisition of CMB was announced in May include screening equipment for various applications across the United Kingdom.

In Scotland, a major aggregate producer purchased a 2.2m x 4m double-deck primary Inclined Screen to replace a competitor’s unit that had come to the end of its usable life. The Inclined Screen will be used to separate whinstone, a hard dark-colored rock, at 100mm and 45mm.

The producer already had two existing CMB vibratory screens, which have been working extremely well for them for the past two years. This positive experience with the CMB screens gave McLanahan an advantage during the sales process. 

A unique feature of this screen is the condition monitoring function, which will allow the operator to check the bearings, vibration, temperature and speed of the screen. Monitoring the condition of the bearings will help the operator to identify any necessary repairs to avoid unexpected downtime.

While the condition monitoring is an optional feature, RubbleCrusher Business Line Director Liam Holland, who has been with CMB for several years, said it is something all prospective screen buyers should consider adding to their screens.

“Anyone can monitor it,” Holland said. “You can sort it at home and check what it’s doing, and you can send updates.”

Another aggregate producer purchased a slightly smaller screen for processing asphalt in Cheshire, England. The 1.8m x 4m double-deck Inclined Screen will be used to make four products: 20-14mm, 10mm, 6mm and dust.  

Again, CMB’s prior relationship with the producer and bespoke equipment solutions brought back repeat business for McLanahan. For this project, McLanahan had to design the screen to fit into the customer’s existing space, as it was replacing a competitor’s existing screening unit. The customer also wanted the drive motor in a different orientation to allow more room for maintenance activities.

Additionally, McLanahan had to modify the screen design to accept a circulating oil system used on the existing screen for lubricating the bearings. The plant processes a percentage of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) with its virgin aggregate, which requires the RAP to be superheated ahead of reprocessing. The temperature of the RAP increases the temperature of the working environment of the screen, so McLanahan needed to be able to accommodate the cooling system in its design.

“We work with the customers to give them a solution that they want, providing it’s feasible,” Holland explained. “It’s not always easy, but if you’re willing to work with them, go the extra yard for them and put the effort in, I think it does prove beneficial.”

A third screen destined for western England also highlights McLanahan’s versatility with the CMB product line. This four-deck horizontal finishing screen is designed to wash dust from the aggregate material, which will be used for surface dressing. The top deck removes oversize, the second deck washes 10mm aggregate, the third deck washes 6mm aggregate and the bottom deck prevents too many fines from ending up in the lagoon.

Further proving CMB’s commitment to meet or exceed the requirements or expectations of its customers — a goal that aligns perfectly with McLanahan’s own ethos, this screen is a repeat order from a repeat customer. The screen will be replacing an old CMB screen that has been dutifully operating at the customer’s location for more than a decade.

The original screen had to fit into a compact area, a requirement that needed to be repeated for the new screen. This meant that the CMB team had to get creative with the placement of the washing feature, both then and now.

“Rather than having independent spray bars, we utilized the cross beams to act as the spray bar,” explained Holland.

The original screen has performed well for the customer over the years, hence the repeat order. This is a common theme among CMB customers, who return to the company for their aggregate crushing and screening needs based on a good experience with the equipment and the team. As part of McLanahan, CMB’s renowned service and support will continue, backed by McLanahan’s 187 years of process knowledge and field-proven experience.

Headquartered in Hollidaysburg, Pa., USA, McLanahan is a global leader of processing solutions for a variety of materials handling industries. With the addition of the CMB crushers and screens to its existing product line, along with the combined resources, McLanahan is in a position to better serve its growing customer base across Europe. The company continues to provide unmatched local service and support for the lifetime of its equipment, with offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, China, and Chile and a strong network of dealers and partners around the world.

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