Liebherr L 586 XPower® wheel loaders with adaptive working lighting for Dowideit Recycling GmbH

Liebherr L 586 XPower® wheel loaders are used for the recycling of building rubble...

  • Low fuel consumption was a deciding factor for the investment
  • Adaptive working lighting supports operators during poor light conditions
  • Dowideit Recycling GmbH already has two XPower wheel loaders

A Liebherr L 586 XPower® wheel loader was recently put into operation at the Dowideit Recycling GmbH machine park in Wustermark. The company was impressed by the benefits of XPower wheel loaders, which combine fuel efficiency, high performance, durability and comfort. The adaptive lighting, an intelligent lighting control system for XPower wheel loaders, ensures even greater levels of safety on the company’s premises.

Positive experiences with an L 580 XPower® already in operation at the machine park also influenced the purchasing decision. Dowideit uses the new L 586 XPower® for recycling building rubble, soil preparation and composting. The wheel loader weighs almost 34 t and has a considerable tip load
of 23,500 kg. It is in operation for around ten hours a day and consumes an average of 14.8 litres of fuel per operating hour when loading.

Safety is of paramount importance at the Dowideit recycling centre. Poor light conditions in the operating area pose difficult challenges to wheel loader operators when working. This is particularly the case in winter when shift work begins at dawn and ends at dusk. To counter this problem, the new L 586 XPower® is equipped with adaptive working lighting. This consists of an intelligent lighting control system which Liebherr offers as an option.

The adaptive working lighting features an additional LED headlight which optimises the light conditions in the front section when the working attachment is raised. The result is an ideally illuminated operating area. Glare, reflections and shadows are reduced for the machine operator. The adaptive working lighting also features four dimmable working headlights on the upper edge of the cab (LED or halogen) and two standard  driving headlights (LED or halogen), providing good light conditions and ensuring a high degree of safety.

“Thanks to the adaptive working lighting, the wheel loader operating area is completely illuminated. There is now a better overview of shaded areas and other areas which are difficult to see during loading. This increases safety on our site and makes daily work easier for my machine operators”, explains managing director Thomas Dowideit enthusiastically.

The company located in Wustermark, in the state of Brandenburg, is a reliable partner for the civil engineering, demolition, recycling and transport industries. They have also a company branch specialising in the sale of soil material to customers who use the processed materials for road construction and in horticultural and landscaping projects.

The new Liebherr L 586 XPower® wheel loader plays a central role in the preparation process.

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