Komplet enters the market for asphalt milling recycling machines

Komplet, thanks to its twenty-year experience in recycling machines for materials from demolition and road construction, enters the market for asphalt milling recycling machines with the new granulator K-RC 12 ideal for recycled milled to be able to recover and put back into circulation.

Komplet in the last year has already presented its double-axle shredder for crushing rubble, asphalt slabs and timber called Krokodile.

It is a multipurpose shredder for different sectors that has already achieved worldwide success.

At the same time, Komplet has studied the new shredder to be coupled with crushing and screening, allowing them to create a closed circle of production working in synergy.

The new model in question is the granulator K-RC 12 that is allows you to go to reduce the size of the asphalt to be able to reuse it without going to affect the characteristics of the asphalt grain.

The new roll Crusher will have the ability to disrupt the material coming from a primary crushing or sieving bringing the grain size curve to parameters similar to pre- aggregation leaving the bitumen content on the inert, thus making the shredding carried out by these machines much more efficient than the traditional crushing with hammer mills.

Those who believed in this new project and then acted as sponsor, is our client Francucci Srl from Marche who asked Komplet to work on the resolution for the problem related to the recycling of asphalt.

Our customer, after having tried all the machines on the market who do this type of work, decided to create an ad - hoc one with our support because he realized that the problem encountered is common to many companies both Italian and worldwide. 

All this could happen thanks to a work of customer loyalty, thanks to the knowledge that our company technically and commercially possesses and the know-how of both companies was created and developed by the Komplet of K-RC 12; that has already found much success and interest in the market from the competitors of Francucci Srl and the dealers worldwide and Italian Komplet.

The latter has already brought to the site several customers to view the work of the machine K-RC 12 and has already obtained a forecast of orders for 2021 of customers who want to approach this asphalt recycling to create a circular economy to then recover 100% of the asphalt not going to affect the raw materials and resources of the earth saving also on the consumption of machines on the market such as hammer mills.

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