Fletchers Metals and Waste Recycling invest in a trio of TEREX® Ecotec machines.

Founded by Richard Fletcher in 1982, Fletchers Metals and Waste Recycling (FMWR) has grown to become a one of the leading waste management and skip hire companies in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire regions.

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire the company originally processed scrap metal, but more recent times have seen a bigger focus on waste recycling, comprising mainly C&D, general dry waste and a small amount of hazardous material.

With local council contracts recent growth has been rapid and within a period of 2.1/2 years monthly tonnages have leapt from 3,500 to 8,000 tonnes per month.

Richard Fletcher – MD, takes up the story, “As a business we have always dedicated ourselves to improve practice and service within the waste management industry, fully complying with changes in legislation to offer more sustainable forms of recycling and waste disposal. FMWR has no direct interest in either landfill or incineration and consequently offer an eco-friendly way of disposing waste. This strong emphasis on eco-friendly waste solutions has also dictated our business relationships with similarly minded and trusted suppliers. Our recent investment in new TEREX® Ecotec equipment reflects our desire to maximise the efficiency and increase throughput in our very busy waste processing operation.”

Investing in increased efficiency:
After researching the market FMWR approached Warwick Ward and after consultation and demonstration an order was placed for a TEREX® Fuchs TWH 226 Waste Handler.

Warwick Ward are a UK distributor for the full TEREX® Ecotec Range. Founded in 1970 by Mr Warwick Ward the company has grown into the largest stockist and supplier of new & used wheel loaders, earthmoving equipment, waste recycling equipment and spare parts in Europe.

Ashley Ward – MD, Warwick Ward, commented, “Richard is operating a very busy operation and needed to increase production capacity and after demonstration and the offer of a very competitive package he was very happy to invest in a TEREX® Fuchs TWH 226 Waste Handler fitted with a 5-tine grab. This is a very rugged purpose-built machine with a reach of 10.7 metres and features an automatic central lubrication system on the upper carriage which ensures that the loading equipment and slewing ring are evenly supplied with a pre-defined quantity of lubricant at precisely determined intervals. This improves the productivity of the machine, reduces repair and replacement part costs which occur because of lubrication related bearing failure, and most of all, reduce costly service downtime.”

Now part of the FMWR machine team the TEREX® Fuchs TWH 226 Waste Handler is handling the increased material flow, proving its credentials as a smooth, rugged and manoeuvrable waste handling machine.

Increased throughput:
Following the purchase of the Waste Handler, FMWR made the decision to invest in further TEREX® Ecotec machines and Warwick Ward subsequently supplied a TDS 820 Tracked Slow Speed Shredder and a Wheeled TTS 620 Trommel for FMWR processing operation.

The TDS 820 is an aggressive slow speed shredder suitable for all types of material and is capable of processing very difficult material in one pass down to 150mm. Customisable shredding programmes allow operators to configure the machine to their specific requirements, reducing wrappage and maximising production.

Richard, further commented, “We looked at all the machines on the market and for us the TEREX® shredder was the best machine. It is very well designed and it does exactly what we wanted to achieve. With plenty of confidence in support from Warwick Ward when required, coupled with a very competitive price it made it a ‘no brainer’ and a very sound investment!”

Feed for the shredder originates from a pre-sort system, where incoming waste is tipped in the yard, and then processed through a big static trommel where the heavy material goes over onto a picking line. Here material is hand-picked with the remainder going to the new TEREX® TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder where it is processed in one pass down to 150mm.

Purchased as an add-on to the existing processing line the TEREX® TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder has brought more value to the operation by producing a saleable RDF product. Before its inclusion there were too many contaminants and dirt for the previous shredder to achieve what was needed. The old shredder could not provide an adequate desired reduction but with the new TDS 820 now installed in the line a constant 150mm is achieved.

A league of its own:
Warwick Ward supplied a third machine, in the shape of a TEREX® TTS 620 Wheeled Trommel which offers operators unrivalled application flexibility, production rates and serviceability. Easy to configure through a push button control panel the 6 metre long TTS 620 features an intelligent feeder control system, which continually adjusts the feeder speed to optimize screening rates. Double-sided unrestricted drum access makes changing the screening drum a simple process which is achievable in minutes, and with the design allowing many other manufacturers screening drums to be utilised the TTS 620 smoothly integrates into established fleets.

Ashley, commented further, “Generally trommels’ are simple, but the TEREX® trommel has design features which allow easy maintenance through swing mechanisms, which for us bring it into a league of its own. From a maintenance perspective, access is easy to the engine via a swing out cradle and with the unrestricted drum access it’s a very well designed and engineered machine from a worldwide recognised brand.”

Richard, added, “It’s a simple mechanism and there isn’t much that can go wrong. But our fitters loved the maintenance design features, the easy and simple access just sold it to us – a big plus!”

This final addition to the processing line has further increased the capacity of the waste operation with an integral modular conveyor providing a stockpile of an RDF material.

With the FMWR operation now fully on-line the TEREX® Ecotec machines have taken things into their stride and seamlessly integrated into the busy processing line and provided the optimisation and development of the business needs of a leading waste processing company. 

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