Doppstadt Equipment now available on hire from Blue Machinery

Blue Machinery have been the exclusive UK Doppstadt distributor for almost 20 years following their appointment in 2004. As well as offering the full range of equipment for sale, Blue Machinery can also provide hire solutions on the Doppstadt Inventhor slow-speed shredders, the AK high-speed shredders and the SM trommels.

Hiring Doppstadt equipment from Blue Machinery means that you can fix your costs, it offers you certainty on guaranteed uptime, whilst also allowing you to keep your fleet fresh with updated machines.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK have been a long-standing Blue Machinery (Central) customer, with a Doppstadt Inventhor 6 slow-speed shredder and SM 620.2 trommel currently out on hire at their In-Vessel Composting facility in Arkwright, Chesterfield.

The Doppstadt Inventhor 6 is used to shred their fresh inputs and oversize to form each batch to the required size and consistency to optimise the composting process. The batches are formed in a sanitisation tunnel where air is forced through the material to keep it aerobic and to achieve the desired temperature to eliminate E-coli and Salmonella. SUEZ operate at the UK standard and therefore are required to reach a minimum of 60oc for 48 hours in the stage 1 tunnels, before repeating this process in a second stage tunnel. Once completed they move the materials across to the stabilisation bays. When stability is reached, the Doppstadt SM620.2 trommel complete with a windsifter is used to screen down the desired size and remove light plastics that were not managed to be removed at the beginning of the process prior to shredding. The end product is then sent out for agricultural use to local farmland and any material that has not composted down to the desired 25mm< size is reprocessed to the required structure. This keeps costs down as it saves the material from being sent to landfill or out on a deployment.

The two Doppstadt machines were brought in following a successful trial period where they went up against various machines from other brands. Both machines offer best in class fuel consumption and low levels of noise pollution, with the Inventhor 6 being a particularly quiet shredder.

Jason Ruffell, Senior Site Manager at SUEZ, commented on the reasons behind opting to go down the hire route, and offered his thoughts on the two Doppstadt Machines: “We choose to take these machines on lease so we can synchronise them with the length of contract we have running at the time. Both the Inventhor 6 and SM 620.2 have both proven to be very reliable machines.

The operators have been particularly impressed with the Inventhor 6’s compact size and safety features. At first, we were unfamiliar with the folding hopper, but the operators have commented that it works far better than previous shredders that didn’t have the folding hopper. It’s also very rare that we see any blockages due to the shredders’ self-cleaning system”.

Blue Machinery have Doppstadt machines available for hire across the UK whether you are interested in the Inventhor slow-speed range, the AK high-speed series or the SM trommel screens. Get in touch with your local Blue dealership and arrange your hire today:

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