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Siebtechnik Tema Ltd

Siebtechnik Tema Ltd
3 Great Central Way
Woodford Halse
NN11 3PZ
United Kingdom


Siebtechnik Tema Ltd

is part of the Tema /Steinhaus/Siebtechnik group of companies that emerged from the first business established by Mr W H Steinhaus in 1925.

The group has now grown to over 40 companies, with approximately 1800 employees worldwide. TEMA was founded to market the group's products and has representation on all continents and many countries.

Tema Machinery Ltd was incorporated in 1961 to promote the groups interests in the UK. Based originally in Banbury, Oxfordshire, we had the opportunity to move to factory premises in Woodford in 1990 to start manufacturing polyurethane screen panels for the European market while maintaining our primary function of selling our group's equipment in the UK.

The acquisition in 1992 of another large group similar to ours, enhanced our delivery programme and allowed us to refine our structures to provide specialist experience and equipment wherever required.

On January 1st 2019 Tema Machinery became Siebtechnik Tema Ltd.

Bucket Wheels
Dewatering wheel E 80 FS + E 150 FS

For recycling - water streaming device to clear out fine sand. The waste water with the fine sand is transported to the wheel. E 150 FS, dewatered and delivered. The overflow water is stored in a tank and then added to the processing water by a pump.

Dewatering wheels E 120 FS and E 120 FSISA 10

Are charged by a suction dredger with two different sands are produced. In the first wheel the raw sand is dewatered and dumped. The overflow water with the fine sands is transported to the E 120 FSISA 10. In the 10 m long tube the finest particles sedimate and settle on the bottom of the tube and are transported to the wheel by the coil...

In nearly all cases of mechanical liquid/solids separation, continuously operating centrifuges are the best technical and economical proposition. They can dewater large quantities of solids to low final moistures, whilst needing little space, energy and time. The correct centrifuge will reduce the cost of thermal drying considerably and may even make it superfluous.

SIEBTECHNIK specialise in the development and manufacture of continuously operating centrifuges. Our technical experts are at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable centrifuge. Machines are available for test either on your premises or in our test establishment...

For a successful separation according to density, especially if there is only a slight difference in density, it is often not sufficient simply to whirl the material around in a counterflow. It is necessary to provide a vertically pulsating flow through the material bed that allows the material to stratify.

The SIEBTECHNIK pulsator jigs were designed for separating light and heavy components from primary and secondary feed materials according to density, e.g. contaminants from sand and gravel, slag, demolition debris, contaminated soils or for ore pre-dressing...

Lab Equipment
Our analytical screening machines cover a range of analysis from 10²m up to 125 mm. Nearly all applications can be handled by our wide range of air jet sieves and horizontal and vertical vibrating screening machines. Even analytical samples of up to 50 kgs, which may be necessary due to grain size and composition, can be analyzed by our machines with a screening area of 1 m²...

Sample Taking & Prep
To be understood under the term "sampling" are all work procedures necessary to remove a quantity of samples in such a manner that they largely correspond to the total quantity with regard to quality and without systematic errors.

Subsequent "sample preparation" includes all requisite work procedures to bring the sample material obtained in sampling into the condition prescribed for the subsequent examinations.

To be taken into account in subsequent sample preparation is that the collection sample from the individual samples reflects the homogeneity of the material to be sampled. In all work procedures, special care is required to ensure that the sample is prepared without loss of characteristics worth mentioning (e.g. water content)...

Screening Machines

Slot Tubes

Tema Mill


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