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Matec Industries

Matec Industries
Via Aurelia Ovest, 383
54100 Massa MS

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Matec Industries is a global leader in the design and manufacture filter press & wastewater treatment plants, washing and screening solutions for aggregates and sand. Our mission is to provide high quality innovative technologies that improve operational efficiency and promote environmental sustainability.

Choosing Matec Industries means opting for technological innovation, thanks to our continuous research and development of advanced, high-performance solutions. With the support of Alfa Pompe, our sister company, we offer a wide range of industrial pumps, including submersible, vertical, horizontal hydrocyclone pumps and centrifugal filter press pumps, thus meeting all kinds of industrial needs.

We offer a complete service, from initial consultation to installation and maintenance, ensuring that our systems always function optimally.

Our products are used in a variety of industries: in mining, improving processes and reducing environmental impact; in the treatment of aggregates, including construction materials, demolition and land reclamation; in the stone industry, with water treatment systems for marble and granite; and in the chemical and food industries, ensuring water purification and recycling according to strict quality and safety standards.


Exciting News from Matec! 

Exciting News from Matec! 

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Open Day Kelberger, Germany - 3rd-4th November 2023

Open Day Kelberger, Germany - 3rd-4th November 2023

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Matec Industry introduce “Matec Green” their ESG vision for the future.

Matec Industry introduce “Matec Green” their ESG vision for the future.

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