ZenRobots sort Recon Services' facility in Texas, US

In the past year the ZenRobots have continued their travels around the world, reaching new sites and piles of recyclables to sort, continuing their mission to save the world from waste. The robots are well on their way to China and Singapore. The Australian robots' dance floor is getting ready for some serious sorting, as are the French and the second Japanese sites. The Finnish, Swedish, Swiss and Dutch robots continue their recycling work relentlessly, and so does the newest addition to our reference sites in Austin, Texas, USA.

The newest reference site in the US was opened for customer visits in beginning of June. The robots' sorting task is a combination of positive and negative sorting, which means that the robot sorts out simultaneously through positive sorting cardboard, metal, stone and reject from the belt, and through negative sorting leaves wood on the belt - all in one go with one robotic system. The robots have stirred up a lot of interest in America, and we are ready to answer to the demand.

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