VIPERMETAL launch a new range of high-capacity rotary drum crushing buckets

Viper branded screening buckets have successfully reused and separated various materials and fragmentations, allowing the in-situ usage of otherwise wasted materials. 

The issue on many demolition worksites, however, has been the crushing segment. Large mobile crushers often require heavy transportation vehicles, which are not always practical for use on limited space worksites with relatively modest quantities of material to be crushed.

Viper crushing bucket attachments have met the need of moving lightweight crushers and maximizing the capabilities of excavators as base machines.

In response to customer demand, the Vipermetal has expanded the product line with the launch of two new crusher buckets – the VPH 21 one drum crusher version designed for excavators from 20 to 30 tons and the VPV 22 unit, which features two drum versions for excavators weighing more than 30 tons.

The new, patented rotary drum crushing technology deployed on the new crusher buckets has been specially developed for demolition applications and helping contractors to recycle construction waste effectively and economically.

Key benefits include:

  • high-capacity concrete crushing with or without steel bars
  • high-crushing capacity in mixed fragmentations 
  • ability to crush tarmac and asphalt effectively 
  • soft materials/fine fragmentations among harder materials does not slow down the crusher capacity
  • durable and easy to change bolted steel wear parts or hard metal buttons
  • excellent return on investment and operating costs compared with conventional jaw crushers.

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