The Telson 42 Telescopic Conveyor is the ideal solution.

The ProStack Telson 42 Radial Telescopic Conveyor is the ideal solution for large scale operations that need to maximise stockpile capacity. It has a working length of 42 metres, 270° of radial movement and is available in tonnage options from 0-2000Tph. With a stockpile height of 14 metres and maximum stockpile capacity of approximately 100,000 tonnes the Telson 42 provides a heavy-duty solution to bulk material handling.

Available in pit portable or road towable variants, the Telson 42 is a high-quality machine suitable for almost all applications including ports, terminals, mining, quarry and aggregate applications. The pit portable version has multi-functional wheels which can be repositioned to perform the radial function, while the road towable version allows the machine to be towed on the road in countries where it is permitted.

Other features include a fully electric drive, allowing the machine to be run from site electric or from an electric crusher, reducing machine maintenance. Automated stockpile patterns can be generated, reducing segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction, ensuring the correct specification for any application or industry. The Telson 42 also has a lattice design for increased strength while overall weight is reduced.

Steven Aiken, ProStack’s Business Line Director, says that “the Telson 42 is one of many specifications available in the Telson Telescopic Conveyor range. As with all ProStack conveyors, the Telson 42 has a whole multitude of options available and can be tailored to the customers needs. This allows it to operate in a port and terminal setting as well as in a quarry.”

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