The STORMAJOR® offers high-capacity stockpiling and ship loading.

SAMSON Materials Handling offers the most comprehensive and accomplished range of bulk material handling solutions in the marketplace today. The AUMUND Group, including SAMSON operates internationally specialising in the conveying and storage of bulk materials in a range of industries. The core products of SAMSON Materials Handling are the STORMAJOR®, Ship loader, Eco Hopper and Material Feeder.

The STORMAJOR® offers high-capacity stockpiling and ship loading from a single integrated machine available with a range of specialised features tailored for each application. A universal bulk loader, the conveyor offers very high handling rates within a compact integrated design. Available with the option of three ­capacity ranges based on the belt width of the outloading boom ­conveyor as follows: Belt Width - 800 mm: Rate - 450 m3 /h Belt Width - 1000 mm: Rate - 750 m3 /h Belt Width - 1200 mm: Rate - 1250 m3 /h. For tipping truck deliveries, the buffer holding capacity of the integral SAMSON receiving unit allows even faster truck unloading allowing a high average rate to be maintained even considering delays in positioning the vehicles. Available with a wide range of ­specification options suitable for handling materials from cereals through to heavy mineral ores. Multiple specification options for ­maximum flexibility in any application.

The STORMAJOR® 1.0 is a reworking of an original SAMSON design which has been proven in the marketplace over the last 50 years, with many installations globally. The unit is an effective bulk reception feeder for lighter materials such as grains, fertilisers, and lighter aggregates. The unit is tow travel and with full electro-hydraulic operation.

The ‘New Generation’ STORMAJOR® 2.0 is a bulk reception feeder that offers unrivalled mobility and flexibility for a complete range of industries and applications, High-capacity stockpiles may be generated using the mobile STORMAJOR® without the need for expensive fixed equipment. Many existing warehouses may be easily converted to bulk storage using the STORMAJOR® loading system, thus minimising capital investment and allowing the effective multiple use of warehouse space. In new installations the STORMAJOR® offers a low-cost solution since there are no machinery loadings applied to the building or civil engineering required specifically, thus allowing lightweight standard portal frame structures to be used, reducing building costs for an economical over-all storage facility. For outside stockpiles, a simple level surface is all that is required to operate the STORMAJOR® generating large stockpiles without any fixed equipment.

The SAMSON STORMAJOR® range of machines receives from trucks of all sizes and is capable of discharging to many ongoing systems, be that rail/barge/conveyor, or to various storage systems. The cantilevered out loading boom design, supported from above, ­allows the complete boom length to ­overhang the forward axle clear of the stockpile. Using a hydraulic lift cylinder, a wide operating range can be accommodated allowing the boom to be lowered almost ­horizontal. At the base, the boom is mounted to a precision slew ring with hydraulically operated slewing system. Combined this system allows material with low repose angle to be stockpiled at steep conveyor angles without fear of the material surrounding the main axle wheels.

For further information on the ‘New Generation’ STORMAJOR® or the wider SAMSON Materials Handling range of equipment, please contact our Sales Team at or call +44 (0)1353 665001.

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