The Ideal Recycling Solution for BRC Plant Hire

“Originally I was unconvinced that bucket attachments were the answer for us. Now I’m hooked. We were extremely impressed and it opened our eyes to what these buckets are capable off. They truly are the best thing since sliced bread – brilliant! Nothing else will do the job for us.”

Chris Baker is the Director of BRC Plant Hire, based at Bold Heath, not far from Warrington. They specialise in on-farm crushing and screening and also on-site recycling work for their clients.

They mainly work with brick, rubble, soil and concrete from demolished farm buildings and roads/tracks, which have been dug up. BRC screen the soil from the rubble and then crush the hard core to end up with two useable products. These their clients traditionally use to create roads or hard standing areas on their farms.

Previously they used big static screeners and crushers, but they wanted to find an alternative, as this stationery kit wasn’t really working for them.

They decided to approach Mick Reeve at Worsley Plant to find out more about smaller kit. Mick, Area Sales Manager for the North East suggested they try a crushing bucket and a screening bucket. This was last Christmas when they hired a REMU 4150 Screening Bucket a MB BF90 Crushing Bucket.

Since then they haven’t looked back. They have gone on to buy firstly a REMU 3150 Screening Bucket, and most recently a MB BF60 Crushing Bucket, which they now use together on their JCB JS130 and Daewoo 140LCV.

BRC often work in small confined spaces and the excavators and buckets fit in. The big screens don’t work on soil in wet weather so the new kit really comes into its own as it works well in all weather conditions. They can now screen wet topsoil all winter. The REMU bucket for Chris is the only one machine that will do this without turning the material to mud. One pass through the bucket achieves 40mm down. It’s a little slower but a lot more effective, and cheaper.

Chris adds: “The two buckets are easy to store and transport. They can be towed on a trailer by our 4x4, as opposed to £400 transport on a low loader for the larger kit we had before. They are allowing us to recycle 100% of a client’s materials on site.

The buckets are easy to maintain and have easily accessible grease points. I can have them up and running in just 10 minutes making them extremely cost effective.

Combine the above with the great service and back up I’ve had from Worsley Plant, who are always on hand to help from both a sales and service point of view, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve definitely made the right investment for my company.”

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