The Haas Tyron goes Hybrid

The HAAS TYRON has long been recognised as the leading slow-speed shredder in the waste management and recycling sectors. As these industries look to move away from diesel powered equipment, the team at HAAS has successfully converted the ever-popular TYRON to a Hybrid machine.

Whilst our customers and the wider industry understand the need to make their operations more efficient and environmentally friendly, the transition to electric and alternative fuels has been put under time-pressure by the removal of the UK red diesel subsidy in April 2022.

The new Hybrid TYRON bridges this gap by combining a small 43kW diesel engine with a 280kW electric motor. The diesel engine is utilised exclusively for operating the tracks, to manoeuvre the machine around the site. The electric motor provides power to the rest of the machine, including the shredding shafts themselves.

This innovative new development combines the flexibility of a mobile machine with the energy efficiency of static equipment. It dramatically reduces the reliance on diesel and produces no exhaust emissions during its operation. The Hybrid machine also offers quick set-up times, with a simple 3-phase connection to the mains, a multifunctional control panel and remote control. 

A key factor in the design of the Hybrid machine was to not compromise the shredding performance and reliability achieved historically by the diesel-powered TYRON.  

Aside from the introduction of the electric motor, the Hybrid TYRON includes all the features and benefits of the standard TYRON 2.0. The recently upgraded shredding chamber provides a more aggressive infeed and optimal clearance between the shafts and the outfeed belt, increasing the TYRONs throughput capabilities.

The Hybrid TYRON also incorporates the upgraded servicing and maintenance features of the TYRON 2.0, including ground level access to the shredder chamber, enabling safer and more efficient servicing and maintenance of the shredding shafts.

“The introduction of the Hybrid HAAS TYRON provides our customers with the flexibility of a mobile shredder, whilst benefiting from the efficiency and power of a static electric machine. Needless to say, this is something that has become increasingly important with the scrapping of the red diesel subsidy for the UK waste and recycling industries.”

Ben McQuaid – Director at CRJ Services Ltd.

"Climate protection and CO2 reduction are elementary challenges of our time. The new hybrid version of the primary shredder is a mobile, electric version. This TYRON combines the convenience of a mobile machine with the energy efficiency of a stationary plant. The shredding process is emission-free. This saves a significant amount of CO2 and is our contribution to climate protection. We hope that our customers feel the same - and decide to switch from diesel to electric drive."

Rene Perne - Sales Manager at HAAS Recycling Systems

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