The Derwen Group invest in an electric Sennebogen Material Handler.

The Derwen Group have recently invested in a Sennebogen 821E Electric Material Handler which has been supplied by Molson Green.

This latest addition to their mobile fleet has brought many advantages to their busy waste operation at their Neath, South Wales operation and has proved to be a worthwhile investment.
Established in 1995 the Derwen Group was primarily a construction company but following the economic downturn the company made the decision to diversify into the recycling and recovery of general waste.

Mark Davies, MD, takes up the story, “We had been involved in a trial project with the local council which was very successful as we found that we could further recycle 80% of the waste material they had already processed. Once we had identified these shortcomings we realised we could efficiently extract more from the waste, we decided to focus completely on recycling and maximise the quality and quantity of recyclates.”

This took a further step in 2007 when a decision was made to invest in a wash plant in which Mark had a large design input. This investment allowed the company to initially focus on the recycling of inerts and eventually led to processing general waste after a further investment was made in a RRF.

Mark, continues, “Investing in an RRF really did make a lot of sense as we had a small picking operation and this allowed us to upscale the whole business. We have constantly updated and adapted this plant as the market has changed and developed.”

All this investment was also accompanied by the assembling of a fleet of mobile equipment necessary to handle the increasing incoming waste stream. All of these machines have been supplied by the Molson Group who are located in Bristol.

Mark, commented, “We have always dealt with the Molson Group and have purchased loading shovels, excavators and recently a Sennebogen 821E Electric Material Handler from them. We have always felt secure in the relationship, and the service back-up over the years has been excellent. This latest investment in the electric Sennebogen 821E has introduced more efficiency and has given us a huge saving of £24,000 in the first year. With very little maintenance it has proved to be a winner with the whole team and environmentally successful as there are less emissions, dust and noise; it is fantastic! It was a big decision at the time but with its smooth operation, it’s processing 350 tonnes per day with ease and with no issues; it has been well worth it.”

Jonathan Wilson, Joint MD of Molson Group, commented, “Derwen committed to the 821E as their old machine was not operating efficiently and it really made sense to invest in a machine that would provide huge savings as it has done over the first 14 months of operation. Maintenance is significantly lower on the Sennebogen 821E, because of no diesel engine and less moving parts. All the Derwen team need to do are the regular checks and then we ensure all the regular maintenance is completed.”

The Sennebogen 821E Material Handler:
Weighing in at 24t the Sennebogen 821E is the fruition of 60 years of experience of designing and constructing hydraulic material handling machines that offer uncompromisingly high performance in all handling tasks. The 821E is an electric machine which offers total ‘Green Efficiency’, as there are no fuel costs and the machine is very quiet, protecting the operator and the environment. Offering peak performance through durable mechanical systems with optimised stressed parts the 821E handles big loads at high speeds.

With operator comfort high on the agenda the 821E is an operator’s dream with the Maxcab comfort cab offering a heated air-suspension comfort seat. Further features include a convenient joystick control, hinged front window and a sliding door with platform in the front of the cab. Completing the specification is a colour monitor for right side and rear facing camera feeds, and the Sennebogen OptiMode providing various modes to optimize performance.

Dedicated to maintenance optimisation a straight forward electrical distributor allows quick and easy trouble shooting. Easy access to all service points coupled with automatic central lubrication for attachment and slewing gear raceway make maintenance and service an easy task.

About Molson:
Established in 1996 the company flourished and is now located at Avonmouth, near the M4/M5 axis. Currently Molson stands as one of the largest suppliers of Korean and Japanese built excavators in Europe and continues to source a wide range of equipment including dump trucks, dozers, demolition rigs and wheeled loaders. In 2010 Molson became Hyundai's biggest dealer in the whole of Europe.

After sales warranty, delivery facilities and customised paintwork and sign writing are all part of the legendary level of service they take pride in. Understanding the importance of finding the right machine for the job coupled with their extensive global network and alliance with manufacturers they are sure they can meet your needs.

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