Terex Ecotec—Expanding product range and worldwide dealerships

Out of all the Terex operations in Northern Ireland, Terex Ecotec (an industry leader in the design and manufacture of wood processing, biomass and recycling equipment) would be considered one of the newer and fastest-growing brands, so for the HUB team it was a very interesting visit.

As we met with Conor Hegarty, International Sales Director, and Steven Aiken, Engineering Manager, it was clear that the growth of the recycling market is a trend not gone unnoticed by Terex, illustrated by its heavy investment in Terex Ecotec—into R&D to bring new products to serve the needs of these markets, as well as additional manufacturing space for the growing brand.

Recent growth and expanding dealerships:
Terex Ecotec has achieved significant growth and development in recent years and today offers a comprehensive product portfolio of mobile shredding, screening, handling, composting and conveying equipment.

Conor talked to us about this accelerated growth and expanding list of dealerships around the world.

“Having originally started off with just two dealers in the UK, one in Ireland and one in France, we have rapidly grown our dealer network in a relatively short space of time.  Today we have numerous dealers in Europe with representation in Southern Germany, Italy, Northern and Southern France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Finland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, not to mention dealers as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan.  Russia and China are now looming in our sights and we hope to have these two countries on-board shortly.

“With 100+ machines sold in the UK to date, sales have been buoyant with the key machines being the TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder, TDS V20 Medium Speed Shredder and the TTS 620 Trommel.  We expect these levels to continue as the machines have been a great success; in particular the TDS 820 has opened a lot of doors for us.  We also have several machines that are new to the market so it’s a very exciting time ahead for Terex Ecotec.”

New developments:
Steven Aiken, Engineering Manager, gave us the lowdown on recently introduced machines to the range.

“We are continually striving to introduce new technology to the market and, as part of our new product development strategy, 2018 saw Terex Ecotec launch the TBG 630 High Speed Shredder as well as the Phoenix 1600 Trommel.  We also have a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline—as we are growing rapidly in terms of dealerships, our machine range is following suit. While we are currently heavily focussed on the UK and mainland Europe, we are increasingly turning our attention to the USA, where although we are doing very well with trommels, we need to market the whole Ecotec range effectively. We see it as a massive growth area as they are turning their backs on landfill and becoming more recycling focused.”

TBG 630 High Speed Shredder:
The ultimate processing machine for medium to large-scale biomass and green waste processors, the TBG 630 is powered by a 661HP V8 Scania engine and has been designed to give operators unrivalled production rates and ease of maintenance. 

The open fronted feeder uses heavy duty drag chains, a powerful feed wheel and an unrestricted feeder design to effectively utilise the 1,100mm diameter x 1,750mm wide swinging hammer rotor.  This robust rotor comes with a wide selection of hammer designs and customisable screens which ensures the required end-product material specification.

As metal contaminants are always a concern when using a high-speed machine, the TBG 630 has an intelligent screen opening system to quickly discharge such contaminants—reducing the risk of accidental damage. 

The unique machine layout and maintenance catwalks offer unrestricted access to both sides of the engine, making servicing a simple task.

With an industry-leading conveyor discharge height of 5.1m, the machine maximises stockpile capacity and allows loader operators to easily remove processed material.

The TBG 630 can be offered with the options of an over-band magnet and various screen apertures.

Phoenix 1600 Trommel:
The Phoenix 1600 has been innovatively designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency and low operating costs, whilst also reducing emissions and noise levels due to the machine running at a low engine speed.  With a 4.9m x 1.54m drum, unrivalled production throughput is guaranteed due to the screening area, the largest in its class. 

Highly versatile, the Phoenix 1600 can easily screen a variety of material including topsoil, compost, sand and gravel, wood chip and C&D waste.  Woven mesh or heavy duty punch plate panels can be fitted to the drum ensuring all application requirements are met. 

Upcoming innovations and a new factory:
As the brand continues to evolve its range, Steven told us about a new machine planned to go into production in the foreseeable future, “We currently have a prototype TSS 390 Single-Shaft Shredder undergoing rigorous testing on-site in Ireland. This is a very versatile machine that can work on wood-waste, general waste, green waste and almost anything that requires reduction. We envisage that this product will do well when we start production in the coming months.”

And looking forward, Steven continues, “It’s definitely a very busy period; we have a good forward order book and are currently building an average of 15 machines a month. We’ve actually reached capacity in this factory, which we share with Terex Washing Systems. This led us to search for and acquire a new production facility, which will be able to cope with the increasing demand for our machines.”

With a rapidly expanding dealer network, brand new facility in the works and on-going R&D projects to fill in the missing gaps in their growing product range, it’s certainly ‘all systems go’ for this thriving business.

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