Ten New Bobcat E19 Excavators for DEK Rental Fleet

Stavebniny DEK, the leading Czech building materials company, has purchased ten new Bobcat E19 compact excavators for its rapidly expanding construction machinery rental service.

A Market Frontrunner
Prague-based Stavebniny DEK’s annual turnover of more than CZK 11 billion (approximately EUR 420 million) makes it a major player in the Czech market for building materials. Since 2013, the company has been developing a nationwide network for construction machinery and equipment rental. The DEK rental service, now operating through more than 60 branches across the Czech Republic, aims to provide the public, small businesses and construction companies with best quality, modern, state-of-the-art and high specification products.

In 2017, a tender was issued to provide an expansion and upgrading of the compact excavator fleet available from the DEK rental service. In response to the tender, the local Authorised Bobcat dealer, Bobcat CZ, also based in Prague, won the order for the 10 Bobcat E19 compact excavators. The E19 offers many features including the ability to hydraulically retract its undercarriage to a width of less than 1 m in order to travel through restricted and narrow areas.

Superb Machine Features
The E19 excavators in the DEK fleet also boast premium features such as a heated cab, a radio, an extended arm, wide blades, a suspension seat, keyless ignition, a Lehnhoff MS01 quick-coupler system, a Comfort Package including a high comfort seat and joystick-controlled arm movement, as well as a Performance Package for improved mobility on sandy surfaces.

Customized Livery
The E19s rolled off the production line at the Bobcat plant in DobÅ™íš in the Czech Republic already finished in the custom red livery and logos of the DEK rental fleet. This is one of the advantages offered by local dealers such as Bobcat CZ and the DobÅ™íš factory working together. At other manufacturers, it is usually the dealers who have to customize the machinery in this way, which may affect the quality of workmanship and the delivery times.

A Satisfied Customer
As Michal Svejcar, Director of the DEK rental service, said: “The Bobcat E19 compact excavator was successful in our tender because of its high quality, which we have tried and tested for ourselves on the job site, and because of the advanced design and quite exceptional range of features.”

The DEK order is a perfect demonstration of the reputation for high quality and high performance of the Bobcat compact excavator range, as well as the company’s willingness to work closely with customers to meet their requirements for the best equipment and customized designs.

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