Stone merchant makes a rock solid investment

“Traditionally all job waste was taken off the work site and back to our yard. This was then loaded onto wagons and taken to landfill. This was costing us rather than making us money!.”

L&T Stone, based in Wigan, is a landscape and supply company to the general public, as well as undertaking gardening and contract work. They pride themselves in delivering the best quality stone materials for landscaping and building purposes, for the lowest possible prices, ranging from imported Indian stones to high quality sands and gravels.

L&T Stone is a family-owned stone merchant run by a 5th generation quarry master with a passion for stone flowing through his veins. L & T Stone Supplies was formed in 2003, by Simon Ratcliffe. It was formed after the retirement of his father from the family firm, Hardrock.

Simon recently decided it was time to invest in some buckets. He wanted to recycle all the waste material bought back to his yard. He planned to pull out the hardcore and recycle it into ballast, and then screen out the soil, and sell both onto other companies or the general public for re-use on their own jobs.

With his quarry background he was aware of screeners and crushers. He’s known Sean Heron, MD of Worsley Plant for about 10 years and had borrowed a bucket in the past so was well aware of the benefits. However, as this was a big outlay for the company to make, it was only now that the time was right to make the investment. After talking to Sean he chose a REMU XO2090 Bucket with a SV Screening and a SB Shredding module, and an MB C50 Crushing Bucket – both to be used on their Bobcat E45.

Ultimately they had waste product coming in and wanted to make it produce revenue by selling it on, and not sending it to landfill. They also wanted something that would process materials on site for reuse rather than buying in materials to use on their own jobs. The smaller kit is more versatile. They can now achieve 80% recycling in the yard and they can take the buckets onto their job sites where they now recycle 100% of materials.

Simon concludes, “To pay for the investment we have worked out we need to process 10 ton a week and with our two new buckets we can do that in half a day!!! It also pays for the man on the machine too. This 10 ton is sold out at £20 a ton. We are also saving on sending any waste to landfill – time, money, transport and environmental savings from the two buckets. It’s well worth the investment.

The REMU XO Bucket is unique with its interchangeable work modules. There isn’t a bucket out there that can beat this. It’s great.”

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