Sortech provide big cost savings with the installation of their separation plant.

The customer, recycling municipal waste, before installing Sortech separation plant, was paying 100 Eur/t for screened materials deposing into the landfill.

Once the customer installed Sortech engineered separation plant, he successfully obtained purely separated, thus valuable material:

  • lightweight – paper, foils, light plastic (known as RDF)
  • heavyweight – glass and plastic caps
  • ferrous metals
  • non-ferrous metals
  • sand

Material was valorized by 100%, which means to the recycler big costs savings from non-bringing material to the landfill and great gain from selling material for further reuse.

Sortech specializes in manufacturing of disc screens, star screens, ballistic separators, aeraulic separators, hammer mills, bag openers and complete separation solutions development.

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