SN Engineering’s passion for engineering excellence, combined with its determination of continual product improvement represent the best partner for our clients.

Servicing global OEM & User markets in the Mineral processing industries for over 20 years. SN Engineering specialise in the design, manufacture & supply of dry bulk materials handling equipment covering such areas as Bulk Storage Silos & Stores ; Dust Filtration ; Mechanical & Pneumatic Conveying ; Dust Free Loading Systems ; Mixing & Blending and much more.

SN Engineering is a leading supplier of powder storage silos & facilities, predominantly within the minerals industry, throughout the globe with multiple successful installations. Typically, but not exclusively, for storage, import & export Cement ; Lime ; GGBS ; PFA etc.. Individual silos range from factory welded 50m³ units up to jig built, fully transportable, 3000m³ x 12.5mØ units with many installations utilising nests to ensure overall storage requirements are met.

With decades of experience in storage facility design, accompanied by a high quality range of in house manufactured auxiliary equipment like screw & pneumatic conveyors ; dust filters & systems ; loading bellows and powder isolation & flow control valves enables a complete turnkey storage solution.

SN Engineering is one of only a few companies specializing in manufacturing, in accordance to Eurocode & CE standards, and install some of the most cost efficient import / export & storage terminals for ship unload and tanker loading for onward shipping to the end users.

Our system with bolted silos allows for a flexible design enabling large capacity powder storage facilities, typically 8 > 15,000Te achieving a low processing cost due to a simple process designeering philosophy. All our products are designed to be easily containerized and therefore available for shipping worldwide. If powder importation &/or storage is required one company you can trust in to provide the total turnkey project is SN Engineering.

SN Engineering’s in-house designed & built range of loading bellows & dust filters, which enjoy the benefit of preferred supplier status with many leading multinational organisations, has ensured major growth over the past decade. With our continual R&D in these two fast growing sectors has benefitted from many enhancements over this timeline, all aimed at improving customer operational & maintenance experience.

Our range of Outloader® loading bellows, for road & rail tanker loading &/or stockpiling has seen the marked growth in our Series 7000 / 7001 go from strength to strength. Added to this, our Series 8000 is fast becoming the preferred unit for new installations where these can be designed in.

The Series 8000 Outloader® benefit from a high efficiency integral dust filter c/w extraction fan & compressed air receiver ( for auto clean down ) thus the requirement for ducting back to existing, or new, standalone filter is eliminated. As this offers a totally closed loop system, that not only is compact & aesthetically pleasing, ensures the filter dust is re-introduced into the loading system thus eliminating the need for clients to handle &/or dispose of collected dust.

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