SKF launches new ultrasonic leak detector

SKF helps users find leaks in compressed air and vacuum systems even quicker, with the new SKF Ultrasonic Leak Detector TKSU 10.

The new SKF Ultrasonic Leak Detector TKSU 10 delivers superior leak protection results, enabling users to find leaks from a distance and in noisy industrial environments even more easily. This ultrasound measurement sensor is suitable for detecting, tracing and diagnosing the source of all kinds of leaks from compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems, and it can also be used to verify the correct operation of steam traps.

The TKSU 10 directly replaces the TMSU 1, which is being discontinued. Besides ergonomic and optical improvements, the lightweight, handheld TKSU 10 allows users to independently adjust headset volume and to also alter the sensor’s sensitivity, via an LED screen.

The SKF Ultrasonic Leak Detector TKSU 10 works like a microphone but is sensitive only to high frequency ultrasound, due to a sensitive piezoelectric crystal used as the sensor element. Small sound waves excite the crystal, creating an electrical pulse that is amplified and then translated into an audible frequency that can be heard through passive noise reduction headphones. The screen also gives a numerical value for the air noise and by listening to the sound and observing the display value, users can quickly note if leakages are present and find their location.

The instrument also has a rubber nozzle that can be used to pinpoint leak location and protect the sensor from contact with grease. Supplied in a sturdy carrying case, complete with a neckband headset that works with protective headwear, the TKSU 10 can be powered via a 5V USB power supply or batteries as required.

Andy Mynett, Maintenance and Lubrication Product Manager at SKF comments: “Any compressed air system can experience leaks, which amplify the load on compressors and increase costs. The new SKF Ultrasonic Leak Detector TKSU 10 helps users to find leaks from a distance easily, even in noisy industrial environments. The built-in LED display also enables the adjustment of sensitivity and shows the measured ultrasound noise from leaking air, allowing the quantification of leaks and prioritisation of repairs.

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