Service Pump Introduce Generac Pumps

Service Pump Limited, based in Wigan, commit to major investment as the company introduces a new range of Generac Pumps to its extensive fleet.

As one of the leading suppliers to the Construction and Civil Engineering sectors, the leading pump hire provider in the North of England, has bought a range of 4inch Generac DWP-4S and 6inch DWP-6S pumps from Generac Mobile Products.

This latest investment is part of Service Pump’s ongoing commitment to expand its range and offer its customers greater choice of efficient and quality driven Contractors pumps which meet today’s environmental standards.

The DWP range of diesel-driven pumps is one of the most efficient and offers silenced vacuum assisted self-priming and water-cooled pumps. The range of DWP-SP self-priming Silenced pump sets are designed with high solids handling capacity to pump water with solids up to 75mm, sand and mud particulates; and are available with variable engine speed from 1500 rpm to 1800 rpm.
The special design makes these silenced vacuum pumps suitable for different applications used at construction, civil engineering, quarry, mining and industrial locations where pumping high-volume fluid displacement is essential.

The unique capabilities of the DWP-4S and DWP-6S range also includes its run dry protection system and the fact that it is available with either turn key start or automatic stop/start functionality to enable efficient management of water flow and fuel consumption.

David Berry, Managing Director, Service Pump said: “Service Pump Ltd are a 100% customer focused Pump Hire company that are committed to deliver bespoke pumping solutions for our customers. To accomplish this, we’ve taken a best of breed approach to give us the ability to tailor the correct equipment for each application.

“We were impressed with the quality, innovative design and performance of the pumps all supported by a world class global manufacturer and brand. However, though the investment in Generac represents a significant component of our overall expansion plans for the UK Market there will be further purchase announcements made later this year.”