Rice Lake Weighing Systems Family of Companies Revolutionize Industrial Weighing with Solutions for Extreme Environments

Dini Argeo and its parent company, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, are leading the industrial weighing industry with innovative and reliable weighing solutions. Designed to meet the needs of demanding applications and harsh environments, these weighing systems are well-suited for a wide range of applications and sectors.

With a proven track record in the industry, Rice Lake and Dini Argeo offer a full range of weighing services and solutions, including:

Overhead Weighing: Advanced solutions for precise weighing of suspended loads, ensuring accurate measurement under even the most extreme conditions.

Belt Weighing: Innovative weighing systems designed for conveyor belt applications, providing reliable and continuous measurement of transported material.

Loss-in-Weight Dosing Systems: State-of-the-art gravimetric weighing technologies, ideal for industrial processes that require accurate and continuous material dosing.

Silo Weighing: Customized solutions for accurate and reliable weighing of silos and tanks, optimizing process control and inventory management.

Vehicle Weighing and Weighbridges: Mobile and fixed platforms for accurate weighing of vehicles and monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic, ensuring compliance with weight and safety regulations.

Mobile Platforms and Special Structure Weighing: Customized solutions for multi-point weighing of vehicles and special structures, providing even weight distribution and accurate measurement.

Bulkslide Flow Meters: Ideal for free-flowing, non-sticky bulk products, it calculates flow and total volume by measuring the force of the material against the curved plate within the device and offers an accuracy of up to ± 0.5%

With an ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, the two companies based in the U.S. and Italy, work together to stand out in the global weighing industry for their ability to provide tailored solutions that exceed customer expectations. The robustness and reliability of Rice Lake and Dini Argeo products make them the ideal choice for those operating in demanding industrial environments.

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