Quickspray – A great addition to our existing built-in dust suppression system.  

Located in the heart of Leicester, AR Demolition have established the AR Aggregates Urban Quarry. This location is an aggregate recycling plant which produces recycled material out of the waste product from AR Demolition jobs as well as other companies who require the need to dispose of waste aggregate from site.

Surrounded by an industrial estate, railway and nearby housing (within 200m) it is important for the Urban Quarry to manage and minimise their airborne dust output effectively, particularly in the summer months.

The Urban Quarry is fitted with a built-in dust suppression system but in order to achieve greater water coverage and less airborne dust, a secondary application was required.

The Ace Plant Quick Spray was lent to AR Aggregates as a demonstration unit and was quickly put to use. The buckets of their loading shovels can be disconnected, and fork tines can be connected instead. The built-in fork sleeves of the Quick Spray unit enabled the attachment to be utilised with AR Aggregate’s existing fleet of machinery.

Powered by third service hydraulics, the Quickspray is fitted with a hydraulically driven carbon fibre spinning disc which atomises water into a fine mist – trapping airborne and surface dust.

Darren Thompson, manager of the AR Aggregates - Urban Quarry stated that the Quick Spray, “Can be lifted to height easily to atomise water over stockpiles and machinery.” Easy to pick up, connect up and quick to get water down and a good addition to our built-in system.”

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