Preventative Maintenance – Sensors and systems to monitor your plant and equipment

As a distribution partner for Metrix, the USA condition monitoring specialists, Northants based Ixthus Instrumentation provides preventative maintenance equipment for vital asset protection on large plant and rotating machinery such as compressors, pumps, turbines, cooling towers, gear boxes and more.

Catastrophic failure of these types of machines often cause serious consequences for plant operation, including failure of other equipment, downtime with lost production revenue as well as safety hazards and potential health issues. Plant repair costs, where preventative maintenance has not been part of a strict regime, often run to far higher levels than the initial cost for asset protection.

Catastrophic failure on large rotating and structural machinery is arguably most commonly caused by mechanical component malfunction linked to unbalance, misalignment, and excessive wear causing fatigue as well as incorrect lubrication, seal failures, and sometimes improper use outside of the design specification of the machine. Where vibration and/or seismic monitoring with accelerometers is implemented as part of an optimised preventative  maintenance schedule, early indications of these conditions can be detected and problems eliminated before serious failure occurs with the considerable benefit of reversing all of the negative outcomes of poor maintenance mentioned previously.

With its longstanding expertise in Metrix condition monitoring solutions, Ixthus Instrumentation can provide preventative maintenance assistance based on the USA manufacturers Digital Proximity System (DPS) and its other proximity and seismic sensor product lines. The Metrix DPS is a fieldconfigurable PC-based measurement system for position, radial vibration and speed that comprises a digital proximity transducer, interfacing cable and a choice of signal conditioners that eliminate the need for multiple drivers and transmitters.

Designed for harsh and hazardousenvironment use in areas such as oil refineries and gas plants, the ATEX certified and API 670
compliant eddy-current proximity measurement system works with both Metrix and other manufacturer’s sensor products as a digitally configurable proximity monitoring system.

Metrix’s seismic vibration instrumentation includes accelerometers, velocity sensors, transmitters and signal conditioners that combine for the measurement of structural vibration on components such as bearing housings, piping and machinery housings as well as machine support structures.

Such systems are particularly suitable for machinery with rolling-element bearings which generally transmit both shaft-and bearing-related vibration to the outside of the machine where it can be detected by seismic measurements. The seismic instrumentation and DPS vibration systems combine to fully protect plant and equipment in preventative maintenance scenarios.

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