Powering up waste disposal

With the help of Volvo excavators, a waste-to-energy facility in Pennsylvania is undertaking significant site improvement efforts to lay the foundation for enhanced site safety and efficiency as well as establishing the infrastructure needed to manage increased waste capacity in the future. 

On average, the United States generates 230 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. In the US, there are 2,000 active landfills and 78 waste-to-energy facilities. The York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority (Authority) began investigating alternative waste disposal options in the mid-80’s; ultimately selecting waste-to-energy technology – a proven environmentally sound and economically viable method of waste management.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using waste-to-energy facilities reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from waste management activities. The agency estimates that for every ton of waste processed at a waste-to-energy facility, emissions of approximately one ton of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) are avoided. In 2016, the York County Resource Recovery Center (RRC) processed 431,412 tonnes of waste. This means that GHG emissions of approximately 431,412 tonnes of CO2e were avoided.

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