New VSI-crusher unit by Swedish Maskin Mekano

Demand for highly processed crushed products (like cubical aggregates, road base or prime manufactured sand) with high and consistent quality is growing steadily. That is why Maskin Mekano has launched an easy-to-move VSI (Vertical Impact Shaft) crusher on high jacking legs.

The VSIH T7 is part of Maskin Mekano’s new modular range, which is characterized by flexibility, safety, and electric operation. The crushing plant is a conveyor in/conveyor out machine but also has an on-board closed-circuit conveyor that makes it compatible with Maskin Mekano’s final screen SH 1503 (it can also be docked with a variety of other three-deck screening plants on the market). The crushing plant VSIH T7 has sockets for interlocking and connecting emergency stop loops to connecting machines in the process.

  • VSI crusher by Techroq
  • Capacity about 200 tonnes/h
  • High hydraulic jacking legs
  • Closed circuit conveyor on-board 
  • Catwalks and foldable stairs with railings
  • Sockets for interlocking
  • Connecting emergency stoploops
  • For towing on site there is a lifting hook and wheels in the rear

The Maskin Mekano modular range also includes a feeding station, a cone crusher unit, and final screening units.

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