NEW upgraded 12+ Series Lightbar available from ECCO

ECCO, the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle warning equipment, launches the new upgraded 12+ Series LED Lightbar. The lightbar is unique, reliable and has been engineered to offer excellent value in terms of performance, durability, style and cost

The already popular first generation of the 12 Series lightbar’s electronics have been redesigned to give exceptional EMC performance and increased functionality. The new upgraded 12+ Series lightbar exceeds the minimum EMC performance expected in R10. With more complex electronics being added to vehicles, this makes them far less susceptible to interfere with any of the systems. It is industry leading CISPR 25 (Radiated and conducted Emissions).

The second generation of the ECCO 12+ lightbar has been long awaited by customers.
Our customers have been testing them and the engineers at ECCO have designed the lightbar taking their feedback into consideration.

Increased features and flexibility are offered in the new upgraded 12+ Series LED lightbar including dual colour LED modules, new coloured lenses, new centre illumination and shorter configurations.

  • The ECCO designed dual colour ICE optic LED modules offer versatility and colour options for multiple applications; colours can be switched independently without compromising the high-level performance.
  • New LED centre illumination options are now available in 457 mm with opal lenses allowing signage to be added and customised to distinguish your lightbar.
  • A choice of clear, amber and blue lenses are now also available. This increases the customisation options, while still meeting the requirement of R65.
  • The new 457 mm centre section combined with 305 mm end lenses allow shorter configurations.

Michael Shaw, Product Manager at ECCO highlights: “We are extremely proud of the 2nd generation of this lightbar Series as we have redesigned it with the customer in mind and made it customisable to suit any specific market need. With the newest features, we give our customers even more choice for custom configurations. We are committed to delivering the best innovative products with superior quality into the market and our new upgraded 12+ Series lightbar absolutely underlines this commitment.” 

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