New Sennebogen 821E handler boosts operational efficiency.

A new Sennebogen material handler is helping Essex waste management company TLM Management deal with the mountains of material at its recycling centre in Basildon.

The firm has taken the Sennebogen 821E handler in a move that will help boost operational efficiency and save on fuel costs.

TLM had been using two excavators with specialised attachments to help sort through the waste at its handling facility.

But Molson Green area sales manager Adam Meeking helped convince the TLM team that a machine specifically designed to handle and sort waste would be much better suited to their operations.

“Excavators and attachments will do the job and perform well but material handlers are specifically designed for that purpose. They are faster at what they do which means that the team can work through waste piles quickly with less standing time. There is also the reach aspect. Materials handlers have a far greater reach which once again improves efficiency. I could see that the TLM operation was perfectly suited to the Sennebogen 821E,” says Adam.

Powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5 Tier3a/3b engine the Sennebogen 821E features a hydraulically elevating cab and real fuel efficiency with the ‘Eco Mode’ running system offering a reduced engine speed and a 20% fuel saving.

Other fuel saving features include the optimized engine settings that reduce specific fuel consumption with engine idling speed set at 40% of operating speed.

Cab comfort is an important consideration in all types of plant and the Sennebogen 821E is not found wanting. Offering fantastic all round vision the cab features automatic climate control with air-suspension comfort seat, convenient joy stick control, sliding door and safety platform. Even at its maximum reach of around 12m the machine is stable thanks to its broad outrigger area.
The machine was delivered to the TLM team earlier this year and is already gaining rave reviews from managers and operators.

“They are really impressed with the Sennebogen. The operator is particularly happy with its power and mobility as well as the comfort it offers in the cab. Since he has been driving it says he would be reluctant to give it up for any other machine. Just as important though is the work that has been put in behind the scenes to make sure we get the service levels right,” says Adam.
The Sennebogen is under a service contract which Adam feels offers the best for the customer.
“We need to look after our customers and part of that package is making sure the investment they have made is kept in top order and running correctly all the time. I think that a service contract helps us do that,” he says.

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