New plant latest arrival for FJD in UK.

Tyre recycling will no longer be a problem for FJD Tyres. Eldan Recycling has just commissioned an Eldan Multi Purpose Rasper (MPR160T) for processing whole car tyres to equestrian rubber chip material in one pass.

“The Eldan Multi Purpose Rasper has many features which made it the perfect fit for the new recycling line at FJD Tyres” says Eldan’s UK Branch Manager Peter Jones. “It has an exchangeable screen size system, which enables it to produce different output sizes – e.g. tyre derived fuel/TDF or rubber chips. It can also be used to process already shredded tyres.”

FJD Tyres can now process up to 2 ton per hour of whole car tyres to a 20 mm rubber chips free from wire. The steel wire is liberated and removed during production so the customer can sell wire free material.

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