New milestone for SANY as they announce an expanded product portfolio for their ultra-large excavators

SANY, a global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, announced an expanded product portfolio for the ultra-large excavators – SY870H of 78.6 tons, SY980H of 95.8 tons and SY1250H of 125 tons – in Sany Kunshan Industrial Park, China. The release of SANY's latest machines marks the Company’s new milestone in delivering technological breakthroughs. Four units of SY870H have been sold before coming out of the assembly line.

"Since the launch of the SY750H and SY950H excavators, SANY's large excavator market share has witnessed steady growth over the last few years", said Cao Donghui, President of SANY Heavy Machinery R&D institute. "Riding on this momentum, we hope that the newly launched SY870H, SY980H and SY1250H models will further strengthen our competitiveness in the field of the ultra-large excavator and our market position in the international market."

The new product lineup for Ultra-large excavator will highlight exceptional performance, excellent quality, reliability and intelligence

Robust and highly productive, the SY1250H excavator features the latest technological upgrades and exceptional performance as a result of SANY’s decades of expertise in developing the ultra-large excavators. The excavator offers a fuel-efficient, reliable and intelligent solution for large scale earthworks including earth excavation and open-pit ore mining.

The SY980H excavator is powered by a high-pressure, large-flow electrically controlled hydraulic system with reduced fuel consumption and dynamic response engine, offering stable operations for various heavy-load excavation missions such as stone, coal, metal and more. The machine boosts the superior matching control technology that is designed to comprehensively increases efficiency by 30% compared to the previous generation.

Built for meeting market demand for 70-80 ton excavators, the SY870H excavator is designed to ensure high efficiency and low fuel consumption without compromising on digging power. Its bucket capacity, digging force and operating efficiency all exceed current industry standards for excavators at the same level.

SANY's excavator lineup covers a full range of models from 1.6 tons to 200 tons. Looking forward, SANY will continue to provide world-class heavy equipment for the global consumers.

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