New MagSafeā„¢ LED Warning Light from ECCO

ECCO Safety Group are multi-national designers and manufacturers of vehicle safety systems with their EMEA Headquarters in Leeds, UK. ECCO has launched the new MagSafe™ LED Warning Light, a battery powered LED (Directional Warning). 

The MagSafe™ LED Directional Warning Lamps are simple, low maintenance yet premium products. The lamps are made of tough Polycarbonate material and available in either amber or red colour and they feature 18 LEDs that can be set to either flash or steady burn.

Powered by 4 x AA batteries, the ED0016A or ED0016R LED lamps can be mounted in various locations on the vehicle. The lamps have no moving-parts or flashtubes to fail and the products are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Richard Moorfoot, the Product Manager for ECCO says: “These products are the ideal solution to many situations where a temporary warning signal is required or beneficial. They could be used for example during occasional towing of equipment that doesn’t have adequate warning lighting, or they would be great to carry in a vehicle to use in emergency situations such as accidents or vehicle breakdowns. They are also ideal for use on vehicles or stationary objects on a permanent basis where it is impractical to run cables or there is no electrical supply available.”

The complete range of ECCO Safety Group (ECCO, Britax, Premier Hazard and Code 3) products include beacons, lightbars, minibars, directional LEDs, worklamps, camera systems, back-up alarms, mandatory lighting and off-highway vehicle mirrors. ECCO Safety Group are the dynamic business behind Axios, the world’s first LED modular lightbar that provides un-rivalled levels of hazard warning along with the ability for the customer to specifically build a bar that meets their exact requirements.

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