Mixed plastic flakes, how to improve the quality

Plastic flakes mixed with films, dusts and metals is very common in recycling material. Sortech plastic separation plants purify plastic flakes at 100%, which further helps to improve plastic objects production efficiency.

As an example, Sortech client was buying cheap shredded plastic for plastic boxes production. But it was causing big problems – delivering a lot of defected end-products and requiring continuous maintenance of the production machines.

Opportunities for plastic valorization

With Sortech separation plant, the client obtained completely purified plastic material from:

  • Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel
  • Plastic films
  • Paper
  • Plastic threads
  • Dusts

The client saved costs and increased production efficiency, by:

  • Increasing reliability of manufacturing equipment.
  • Eliminating defected end-products and thus money loss.
  • Continuing to buy lower quality and thus less expensive plastic material and purifying by themselves.

The installed plant was repaid in 8 months. 

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