KCM Waste Management are fully self-sufficient in their heating needs thanks to their new Terex Ecotec TDS V20

KCM Waste Management are experts in recycling and waste segregation, and strongly believe that all waste can, and should, be put to good use. From their 7acre waste transfer station in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, they have invested heavily in specialised plant and machinery ensuring that they extract as much as possible through their recycling processes. The HUB team were invited along to take a more detailed look at their new purchase, a Terex Ecotec TDS V20 that has a crucial part to play in their new self-sufficient heating system.

Phil and Mark Hickling, joint Managing Directors of KCM saw an opportunity to heat their offices, workshops and recycling facility from the raw materials that were coming into the business. By utilising waste wood and pallets and installing brand new state of the art biomass wood burners they are now able to heat their business and save money at the same time.

We talked with Phil Hickling who told us more about the operation and their choice of machine “The reason that we went for the Terex Ecotec TDS V20 is that it only takes one simple pass to produce the wood chip that we use in our new biomass plants. One plant heats the offices and workshops and the other powers drying floors where we are producing waste pellets. We find the V20 mobile shredder very easy to maintain, we can open it all up and get inside quickly, the teeth are interchangeable and one man can operate it. We looked at quite a lot of machines on the market but the higher speed shredders created too much dust for us. It was then that Warwick Ward suggested the Terex Ecotec TDS V20 medium speed shredder, which was a perfect fit for us and we are very happy with it indeed. The system now powers all the central heating for the offices, and also new heaters that are installed in the workshops and garages.”

Terex Ecotec TDS V20
The TDS V20 is a medium speed twin-shaft shredder which produces a controlled product size in one pass, which is of huge benefit to the operator saving both time and fuel. For KCM it means that a high quality finished product is produced that can be used effectively in their new biomass burners. Minimal dust is created during the shredding process and almost everything that is put into the shredder is coming out as a useable product, with around only 6% in fines produced. The over-band magnet takes out the metal during the process and the resulting material has a very consistent chip size.

The TDS V20 features a powerful Scania engine with a low operating speed combined with an efficient hydrostatic drive creates a very responsive shredding action with protection against unshreddable contaminants. The TDS V20 screen system which is available in different sizes, comes complete with an intelligent protection system, allowing a desired particle size to be produced, whilst still being able to cope with foreign objects to protect the shredding chamber.

Warwick Ward Machinery Sales Director Simon Causier commented “The TDS V20’s ability to produce a controlled product size in one pass is of huge benefit to the operator saving both time and fuel. However, its versatility means it can be used as a primary or secondary shredder if the need arises”.The highly user friendly control interface shared with the TDS 820 complete with pre-installed programs allows the TDS V20 to shred difficult materials such as wood waste, green waste, domestic and industrial waste and is particularly suited to producing SRF.”

For more information on the Terex Ecotec TDS V20 shredder please visit www.warwick-ward.com

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