J&S Vicary take delivery of the first JENZ HEM841Z PTO Chipper in the UK.

Following the acquisition of the JENZ dealership earlier this year, CRJ Services is thrilled to have delivered our first JENZ chipper into the UK market to a long standing customer - J&S Vicary Agricultural & Forestry Contractors.

J&S Vicary is a Yorkshire based family run business, who provide a wide range of agricultural and forestry services throughout the UK. They specialise in large scale wood chipping, heavy duty mulching and the supply of quality wood chip and wood fuels.

Chris Vicary, Director at J&S Vicary, is a long standing JENZ customer, having operated JENZ chippers and high-speed shredders in their machinery fleet for many years. Before their recent purchase, J&S Vicary used a JENZ HEM593Z PTO for their chipping service, and a JENZ BA725DL high-speed shredder for the shredding of roots, stumps, and brash material.

Many of J&S Vicary’s customers send their chipped and shredded material as fuel to large scale biomass energy plants or use their material in their own biomass boilers. As there are varying grades of biomass fuel, the quality of the finished material delivered by J&S Vicary is of paramount importance, as it will determine the value their customers can receive for their biomass material.

Aside from the quality of the wood chip being produced, another key factor in J&S Vicary’s service is the speed in which they can process the material, which is determined by the quality and capacity of the chipping machinery being used.

At the time of purchase, J&S Vicary’s JENZ HEM593Z was the largest PTO chipper in the JENZ range, delivering output of approximately 270 m3/h.  As Chris is always keen to be running the best equipment available, when the announcement of the larger HEM841Z came, he decided it was time for an upgrade.

The new HEM841Z boasts a larger infeed area, measuring 1400mm wide x 820mm high - a 20% increase in infeed area from the HEM593Z. This larger infeed size results in an approximately 37% increase in output capacity, up to to 370m3/h.

“We have used JENZ chippers and high-speed shredders for many years now. I am always impressed with the quality of the machinery, and the material being produced. Our new, larger HEM841Z chipper allows us to process greater volumes of material, compared to our previous models. This was also our first time dealing with CRJ Services since they took over the JENZ dealership, and I have been impressed with the communication and support we have received from them, in particular Mike and Richard.”

Chris Vicary – Director at J&S Vicary Agricultural & Forestry Contractors

“I’m delighted to supply not only the first chipper sold by CRJ Services, but also the first of the new JENZ HEM841Z into the UK market. It also seems fitting to be supplying this machine to one of the most loyal JENZ customers in J&S Vicary. It has been a pleasure to deal with Chris and his team, and I thank them for their business.”

Richard Newton – Sales Manager at CRJ Services Ltd.

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