INTERMAT PARIS organises a day dedicated to the construction equipment rental market

Generating 3.76 billion euros of turnover in 2017*, the construction equipment rental market contributes to the vitality of the French building and public works market. 

In this positive economic environment, the rental sector is initiating a digital transition which is becoming increasingly visible in the profession. To discuss these transformations and present the development outlook for the sector, the trade show INTERMAT Paris organises an exclusive theme day on 26 April, entitled INTERMAT RENTAL DAY.

"Equipment rental in 10 years ": an exclusive round table dedicated to market growth perspectives (10am - 12.30pm)

With 2% growth recorded between 2016 and 2017*, the rental market is in good health. However, foresight is required to anticipate the needs of stakeholders and the upcoming trends. This is why, from 10am to 12.30pm, INTERMAT Paris is holding a round table addressing the following themes and with the following contributors:

- Views and insight into equipment used by construction and industry, and how the rental sector is changing (drawing on examples from different countries): with Martin SEBAN, Economic Advisor at IHS Markit (France); Hervé REBOLLO, General Secretary of DLR (France); Ken HUGHES, International Director at ARA (USA); Juan José TORRES, Chairman of ASEAMAC (Spain).

- Overview of construction sector change-related issues affecting equipment rental in these countries: with contributions from Jean-Louis MARCHAND, President of FIEC; Yannick MORIN, President of KRANING (Quebec, Canada).

- Major factors set to drive change in the rental business over the next 10 years, and how each country is preparing for it: with Idir AIT SI AMER, President of Tracktor (France); Kevin LEGAULT, CEO of Equipements à partager (France); Lorenzo PERINO, Lawyer at ASSODIMI (Italy); Peter SCHRADER, CEO of Zeppelin Rental (Germany).

An afternoon dedicated to individual business meetings between sector stakeholders (2pm – 6pm)

INTERMAT RENTAL DAY is also a venue for meetings, discussion and exchange between rental firms and suppliers. This is why the afternoon (from 2pm to 6pm) will be devoted to business appointments. To facilitate contacts between participants, INTERMAT RENTAL DAY has deployed a matchmaking platform so that each firm can organise their meetings in advance (link to be confirmed).

*Source: DLR - Estimations by ASTERES, Bilan, Distribution, Location, Manutention 2016 (published in March 2017)
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