Insights to Swedish Carl F’s Robotic Sorting Station

To date, there are 24 ZRR’s and some 45 single robotic arms sold around the world, from Japan to Sweden, the US and China to Finland and Netherlands. We want to give you some insight as to what it is like to own and operate a ZRR, and tell you why robotic waste sorting by ZenRobotics is the best solution for your waste sorting needs.

Working with robots is a bit like working with an orchestra. As you would conduct an orchestra, you conduct the ZRR. You signal when the robots begin and what they pick, helping you get more value out of your waste stream. You set the tempo, even to operate 24/7, if you wish. And in the same way an orchestra can be conductorless, your ZRR will do the job well on its own.

Your very own self-conducted ZenRobotics Recycler.

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