IFAT: Doppstadt to showcase electric motors for its machines

  • Environmental technology expert to showcase INVENTHOR 6 with electric drive
  • METHOR single-shaft shredder and screening machines are also available with electric engine
  • No refuelling required: Higher productivity of the machine and higher economic efficiency compared to diesel engine variants


The way to electrification is paved: At IFAT, the Doppstadt Group will showcase the INVENTHOR 6 with electric drive. Furthermore, this resource-saving alternative to the conventional diesel engine will also be a standard equipment for the METHOR and the screens. The electrically driven variants stand out due to their extraordinary economic efficiency. Besides, they are extremely durable and help to keep operating and inspection costs down.

“By collecting and recycling valuable resources, the activity of the recycling and waste management industry contributes substantially to the environment and climate protection. The technologies used must comply with this task,“ explains Dominik Niehaus, Product Manager at Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH (DUG). Therefore, the recycling technology expert makes very high demands on the solutions as regards sustainability and resource protection. In these fields, the drive system is of special importance, as Niehaus underlines: “When developing new machines, we focus on efficiency and profitability.“ With the integration of electrified drives in the machines, Doppstadt now offers users an attractive alternative to the customary diesel engine.  

Low operating costs thanks to electrification

At IFAT, the environmental technology specialist will showcase the INVENTHOR 6 with electric drive. The multi-purpose single-shaft shredder METHOR and all the Doppstadt drum screens are also available with electric drives. The process engineering is based on proven Doppstadt technology. Compared to diesel engines, electric drives stand out due to their low operating costs – a decisive advantage in uncertain times. Inspection costs are also lower because the service intervals can be extended significantly. In case of the drum screens for instance, the maintenance of electric variants is scheduled after 500 operating hours instead of 250.

Emission reduction

What is more, the new drive option offers users multiple benefits. There is no need for time-consuming routine work such as refilling diesel and AdBlue®. Therefore, the machine productivity is increased considerably. Unlike conventional diesel engines, the electrically driven machines produce no exhaust emissions, a benefit especially for the work in halls. Users profit from advantages in the approval of new machines and sites. Therefore Niehaus is certain: “With the new electric variants we offer our customers a useful alternative to conventional diesel engines, which meets the highest demands on efficiency, profitability and user-friendliness.“

The Doppstadt Group will participate in the IFAT 2022 from May 30 to June 03, 2022 on the outdoor grounds of the Munich fair at booth 709/1.


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