Hills develops new MRF for Wiltshire

Work is underway on manufacturing the plant for a new materials recycling facility in Wiltshire.

Hills Waste Solutions has commissioned Turmec to supply and install the MRF plant, which will have the capacity to process 20 tonnes per hour of dry mixed recyclables.

The new MRF plant, located at Sands Farm in Calne, will treat kerbside collected comingled recyclable materials collected by Hills from around 220,000 households across Wiltshire under a contract with Wiltshire Council, one of the largest unitary authorities in the country.

The  new Turmec MRF equipment will include various screens with optical and magnet elements to maximise the recovery of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles (PET and HDPE), plastic pots, tubs and trays, cans (steel and aluminium) and food and drink cartons.

Henry Newbery, recycling manager for Hills said: “Turmec was awarded the contract to provide the MRF after a competitive tender process which saw Hills evaluating MRF designs from a number of providers. Turmec’s plant design and advanced sorting equipment will ensure that we achieve a high-quality separation of recycled materials.” 

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