High Powered Permanent Overband Magnet

Now available with freestanding frame...

Magnapower have launched the Light Weight – Heavy Duty Overband unit combined with a cantilevered frame. The significant advantage of this equipment is that it can be installed simply and quickly over an existing conveyor. The frame is lifted from just one side and can be conveniently positioned upon delivery. The complete unit is ready to operate once connected to a motor power supply.

The overband can be fitted with an electric or hydraulic motor. The frame is supplied complete with a stainless-steel discharge chute so that the extracted ferrous metal is directed into a separate bin.
The magnet system has a high performance deep field permanent magnet to maximise ferrous extraction without any power supply to the magnet. The overband is fitted with safety guards at both ends and the working gap can be adjusted to suit different product types and to increase separation efficiency.

Associated Businesses

  • Bromsgrove,, B60 4DJ