Hazardous waste specialist prepares for £1m revenue boost with new shredder

Hazardous waste specialist Wastege has invested in an UNTHA S25 shredder as the team gears up to take on an additional £1m of business.

The Hull headquartered firm has more than 30 years’ waste management and recycling experience, supporting clients throughout the UK. But with an ever-growing reputation for tackling particularly complex materials, Wastege is increasingly being tasked to handle more unwanted wastes.

The organisation has therefore purchased an UNTHA S25 twin-shaft shredder to process hazardous packaging waste and guarantee the secure destruction of other sensitive products.
The materials are being shredded down to a homogenous <40mm particle size before being sent for compulsory incineration.

Commenting on the business’s expanding operations, Wastege’s managing director Mark Taylor said: “We’re working with a number of large manufacturing firms throughout the country. Often, they task us with destroying their confidential documents as well as product prototypes that cannot get into the public domain. The same can be said for materials from the Ministry of Defence, who we also have a relationship with.

“We therefore went to market looking for a robust shredder that meets all of our EU compliance and external ISO audit obligations. After conducting rigorous due diligence, we chose the UNTHA S25 technology.”

Wastege is currently handling two tonnes of such material per day, but with further contracts on the horizon this could soon increase to 14 tonnes.

“We chose this UNTHA machine because reliability is key for our business,” expanded Mark. “We pride ourselves on delivering on the promises we make to our customers, therefore we cannot afford costly breakdowns that will impact on our service levels as well as our operational margins.
“This is a pivotal point in our company’s growth, and with an additional £1m of revenue on the horizon it is crucial that we continue to invest in the leading-edge technologies that underpin our reputation.”

Wastege Waste Management provides an array of wider services including asbestos removal, spill control, liquid waste disposal, industrial clean ups, WEEE recycling and hazardous waste training, to name just a few.

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