Hatz get mixed up with Trojan

Trojan Mixers, a division of Suffolk based, Tex Engineering Limited have just completed a two asphalt mixer special build projects each involving the use of a Hatz diesel engine.

The first project was for two Trojan special build 1-ton asphalt mixers the second was for another two Trojan special build 1.25 ton asphalt mixers. Each mixer featured a 1D81C Hatz silent pack engine. These are specially planned mixers outside of the normal range of Trojan machines. They were individually designed and built so that the pair of mixers can sit side by side on the back of a standard flatbed lorry, with space in between for working/manufacturing materials more efficiently.

Wayne Luckie, Tex Engineering’s Sales Manager explained, “The most important component in building these mixers was having the correct physical size engine along with low noise and clean emissions. We selected this particular Hatz engine primarily because Hatz were able to supply an engine that fitted exactly to our proportions.“

Wayne added, “The Hatz service was top class, working with us on this project, plus the after sales and follow ups were excellent.”

The Hatz 1D81C has a power range from 5.4 to 9.6 kW and is completely encapsulated making it soundproof. The engine is certified to EPA Tier IV final and fulfils EU Stage V below 19kW. Its robust design and high operation safety allows all the L-Series engines to be operated reliably in remote areas or for applications without constant monitoring.

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