Haas Tyron “Viking” Wood Shredder marches into Hadfield Wood Recyclers

Award-winning UK wood processors Hadfield Wood Recyclers, has purchased a HAAS Tyron 2000XL industrial wood shredder from leading materials processing equipment supplier, Matpro Machinery. The new acquisition has taken home at the company’s Manchester site, helping to ease the workload from its existing fleet of machines due to ever-increasing tonnages. As part of the purchase, a service agreement has also been established with Matpro, ensuring the machine is serviced for every 250 hours of work. The purchase comes after a healthy, long-term relationship with Matpro sister company, CRJ Services, with whom Hadfield Wood Recyclers have hired Haas wood shredders from for many years.

Engineered in Germany, the Haas 2000XL industrial shredder is the outstanding market leader of today’s slow-speed shredding market. Its unique, independent shaft drive mechanism allows for exceptional shredding capabilities, with each shaft individually adjustable and driven by separate hydraulic motors and gear boxes. The variation in speed and direction of the shafts helps deliver a consistent, powerful performance through its ability to keep the shafts clean for longer periods. The HAAS industrial shredder is suitable for shredding the most demanding of materials including; general waste, wood waste, green waste, rubber tyres and aluminium.

With more than 35 years’ experience in waste wood recycling, Hadfield Wood Recyclers currently process 300,000 tonnes of waste wood a year at its sites in Manchester, Middlesbrough and Tilbury Docks in Essex. They recycle the wood into a number of products including animal bedding, feedstock for panel board and biomass fuel. The company takes all grades of non-hazardous waste wood and puts it through a stringent segregation and cleaning process. On the manufacturing front, Hadfield Wood Recyclers are no stranger to the HAAS brand themselves, with an existing HAAS wood shredder already being long in operation at its Tilbury, London site for the past three years.

Michael Symons, Sales Manager at Matpro Machinery commented;
“We’re very happy to help out a longstanding customer. As an existing HAAS user, it is great to see the confidence Hadfield Wood Recyclers continues to place in the HAAS brand; and how they can rely on the industrial slow speed shredder to play a significant role in contributing towards future business growth.”

James Oates, Engineering Supervisor at Hadfield Wood Recyclers commented:
“The Haas 2000XL has been very reliable so far and Matpro Machinery has provided a top-notch service.”

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