Get Connected with Generac Mobile®  

Generac Mobile® is pleased to announce its partnership with Trackunit A/S to create an exclusive telemetry system for lighting towers in construction, rail and infrastructure projects. 

Launching this autumn, the new telemetric system offers a simple and dynamic platform to help customers all over the world remotely track, map and monitor industrial lighting fleets in real time.

Using a laptop, tablet or smart phone, the Trackunit® device allows operators to monitor the location of the lighting fleet with real time GPS tracking and set alarms when they are moved outside of a designated area for improved security across multiple sites.  Operators can further use the data to set engine alarms, monitor fuel levels and review percentage use rates to ensure that products are performing as they should be.

Steve Hallam, Commercial Director for Pramac-Generac UK said: “We’re delighted to offer this level of intelligence in our range and many sectors are already making significant gains with products which have digitalisation tools such as telemetry integrated into the design.”

Notifications and daily reports can be generated when service intervals are required helping to maintain product efficiency and reduce onsite downtime.  

Optional features are available with the Generac Mobile® system which includes the ability for operators to control the engine remotely and improve on site fleet utilisation and fuel consumption by making use of machines that are inactive. 

The new telemetry system is available across all V20 tower lights and CUBE+ lighting towers equipped with Generac Mobile®’s GTL01 controller.