Forklift Safety Day at Forterra Building Manufacturers

We are delighted to be supporting Forterra this summer at their Forklift Truck Safety Day at the Measham Brickwork Plant site in Derbyshire on 13th June 2019.

Experts from the industry will provide technical and safety guidance and support on the day. We will be running an interactive seminar that will cover the risks of vehicle and pedestrian interactions when driving a forklift truck on site, emphasising on the blind spots that exist and the difficulties with driving in tight areas with pedestrians present.

Andy Cartwright, Technical Manager at Mentor will be delivering a number of 30-minute awareness sessions using a forklift truck to demonstrate how dangers can occur in real life situations.

Examples throughout the day will include physical barriers, marking and defining pedestrian routes and how to provide clear and unambiguous warning signs for working forklift trucks nearby.

Andy Cartwright of Mentor states: “The purpose of the session is to offer practical examples of segregation and the need to employ it in addition to the injuries than can be caused by an impact of a forklift truck. There can also be long-term mental health effects of being involved in an accident in the work place. We aim to decrease this issue through providing the correct safety precautions and awareness for all.”

As workplace transport and equipment training leaders, we understand the importance of having qualified and competent operators on site and why it is crucial to be vigilant and understand the associated safety risks to driving workplace equipment. 

With over 57% of forklift-related injuries sustained from those working alongside the machinery as opposed to driving it, we are keen to promote awareness around safe practice, in particular in the building products industry where the use of forklift trucks is prominent.

It is important for drivers to understand that when pedestrians and cars come into contact, cars have a crumble zone that is designed to collapse and deform on impact reducing the consequence of the collision. Lift trucks do not have this same zone meaning consequences will be higher and the result of injuries on the individuals involved can dramatically increase, therefore meaning more training and awareness is needed.

We hope that our involvement with Forterra will encourage businesses to be aware of the risks to training in pedestrianised areas and take the correct safety precautions. We are happy to work with other proactive safety conscious businesses to support their safety days!

To find out more about forklift truck safety or to book training today, please visit our website or contact us on 01246 386900.

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